Lady Gaga…Alejandro

>Hello hello 🙂 Tonight I went to the cinema and watched Prince of Persia…I really enjoyed the movie, much to my surprise, and found it quite funny. I will definitely be going to see this film again 😀

Onto my makeup…well I wanted to try out this look that Lady Gaga had for her Alejandro video. I didn’t have much time to do my makeup tonight so I didn’t bother with the lips. I am going to do this look again and try to re create it better. This is a bit of a rushed job but hey I thought I would share it anyway hehe.

The inspiration pic
My version…
When I do this look again I am going to use darker shadows for the crease..I think the colors I used in the crease and v are too pink. But I think this is a nice look and will use it again 😀 Do tell me what you think of this look.
I must go to sleep now hehe it’s half past midnight here! 
Love Chloe xox
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