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>I have recently moved house..into a brand new house, as in no floor coverings, no fencing, no painted walls, no drive way and no CURTAINS…I now know what fish in a tank feel like, having their every move watched by strangers hahaha. Anyways living in a dust bowl means that I haven’t been able to dress up lately…so I’ve created my own new fashion trend: GUMBOOTS…worn with all outfits when around the house hehe.

Check it out:

Posing in my backyard with the one and only plant; my rosebush. I think this gumboot trend could take off and soon all the city fashionistas will be tramping the pavements in trendy rubber haha.

I have another photo to share with you. I went to write in my journal a couple days ago and as I was writing the date of the day, a proverb popped into my head “the palest ink is better than the best memory”…so I decided to start my entry with that quote, as I wrote this quote my pen started to fade so by the time I wrote “memory” the ink was really pale! Check it out:

I think it’s really amazing that as I wrote this proverb my pen started to fade!! I had to take a photo of it to show people hehe.

Well today I did some dying…I didn’t literally die hehe 😛 I dyed my curtains! And me, being the pathological photo taker that I am, took photos of the process. Actually I took photos of the practice process.

 This is what the fabric looked like before I dyed it…
 ..Into the dye it goes..
 The final result…what do you prefer: pink or black? I love the pink but I think black looks better in my room and looks older, not so young 🙂
Ok well that’s all from me for this post.
Big love, Chloe xx
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