Makeup Looks, outfits of the day and a selection of random photos!

Hey there lovelies 🙂

This is mainly going to be a photo post ha.

I haven’t filmed any tutorials for you lately 🙁 I miss it! I just haven’t been in the right head space to sit down and film. So for today’s post I decided to share some of my recent MotD (Makeup of the Day) and Ootd (Outfit of the Day) plus a few other photos that I like from my instagram! If you follow me on instagram, I apologise because you will have seen most of these photos already but for those of you who don’t then here you go!

If you like any of my makeup looks and would like a tutorial on how to recreate the look, please please let me know…I would love to do a tutorial for you 😀



Today’s makeup. I decided on a whim to wear false lashes today!



Baby Girl posing for the camera…she’s a selfie addict like moi 😉



A beautiful West Australian sunset, snapped this over the weekend 🙂


Makeup of the day: Red lips and bold brows kinda day.


Last Wednesday I did Lovisa’s makeup for her Year 12 School Ball!


Saturday night I did Belinda’s makeup for her friend’s engagement party! I have such a gorgeous Aunty, love her to pieces <3


Pulling a weird face while wearing my oversized hipster glasses…just cos. 😛


11th April, I was the makeup artist for new fashion label L J Chaplin Designs!! I got to make up these gorgeous gals! There are more photos on my Facebook page.


Makeup of the day: My go-to look, red lips and winged liner.


Hot pink lips! Lipstick from Barry M.


Outfit of the day and makeup of the day! Dress from Ally, shoes from the op shop.


Another makeup of the day look: An extremely colourful, bold makeup look inspired by a makeup artist I follow on instagram! This is so up my alley, was really happy with this look 🙂


Outfit of the day: Bought these awesome ombre tights from Romwe! You can’t really see the Blue/Purple effect in this photo…I’ll take a clearer photo next time 🙂


I bought these red tights from Dotti a while back…I paired them with pointy ankle boots that I’ve had for years, a black bolero and a red beret. I ended up looking like a French elf 😛 But I like it hehe


Makeup of the day: I was going for a bohemian pirate  look this day 😛


Makeup look I created for my prom night tutorial…but I’ve been busy and slack and haven’t finished editing it yet 🙁 I’m sorry!

So recap of what I’ve been up to lately…..

  • Over the weekend I did my aunt’s makeup for an engagement party and I went down south to visit my brother for his 21st birthday!
  • Last Wednesday I did my friend’s makeup for her school ball.
  • I was part of the creative team on a Winter Wonderland photo shoot recently…photos coming in the next post!
  • I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with a dance party at my house! I’m so excited for it 😀
  • I spent a whole week getting to know my housemates better. We went to a few bars one night which was great fun, cooked together nearly every night, watched movies together, spent most nights taste testing the different whiskey’s they bought in America and went to the Rooftop Cinema in the city!

What have you been up to? Leave me a comment on here or write a post on my Facebook page! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram, @littlecoconut 🙂

Let’s get socialising!



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