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Hey lovely!

A couple weekends ago I met up with my best friend’s brother, David, to take some photos in the city. To be honest it’s been a while since I’ve done a shoot with a ‘tog other than my aunty, Belinda Rae Photography, so I was a little nervous. Which I didn’t need to be as this isn’t the first time we have worked together…David, my bestie and I were totes profesh film makers at the age of 12ish. One day I hope to find a copy of our re-imagining of Snow White. Our acting and filming skills were on point! haha… Read More »


OOTD: If it ain’t black put it back on the rack

Hey lovely,

If there is one colour you will find me wearing a lot of these days it’s black. I never owned a single item of black clothing growing up but now I have a healthy (bordering on obese) amount of black in my closet! Of course I haven’t forgotten my colourful side, so don’t worry I still have plenty of bright clothing in the mix.

This all black outfit is one of my favourites at the moment….

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Photo Shoot: Steampunk at The Pinnacles


I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit quiet on here this past week! I don’t actually have internet connection at home so I do most of my blogging at my boyfriend’s house. But he has been in Europe for the past month so I’ve had to use my iPhone as internet for that time and now I’ve run out of data on my phone…meaning I can’t use it for the next couple weeks! Boo 🙁 So I’m currently typing this post at McDonalds, taking full advantage of their free Wi-Fi 😛 

I am finally posting the photos from my Steampunk shoot up at the Pinnacles!! Belinda’s husband Brendon (otherwise known as chauffeur and pack horse ;)) came along on our road trip, so while he drove Belinda and I amused ourselves by filming the endless scrub and pretty much talking non-stop hehe. I’ve never actually been to the Pinnacles so I was pretty excited to do this photo shoot up there. Hehe to be honest I actually wasn’t even sure WHERE the Pinnacles were located so when Belinda suggested we do a shoot up there I said “yeah that sounds awesome!” then went home and googled what they were and where they are located 😛 hahaha. I have heard of them just wasn’t too sure what they looked like ha. Anyway, now I know that they are a bunch of rocks growing up out of the ground in pointy and sometimes amusing shapes ha ha. 

Many thanks to the lovely Zoe from The Powder Room for loaning me these gorgeous corsets and skirts!! My dream of wearing a corset finally came true 😀 Do check out The Powder Room, Zoe sells the most divine clothing and some of the shoes are to die for 😛 Lucky for me I don’t have a huge amount of money otherwise I would be spending up big hehe.

How divine is this corset?! Despite the fact that I could NOT breathe whilst wearing it, I fell madly in love with it and did not want to give it back.

I wasn’t too sure how to do my makeup for SteamPunk. In the end I went with dark bronze eyes and a really dark redish purple lipstick and mixed black eyeliner around the edges for a gothic look. In the photos though my lips just look red ha ha. 

Now, because I’ve been very naughty and neglected to do this post straight away I am now having trouble remembering what makeup I used 🙁 I shall try my best to list everything!

Arbonne Face Primer.
Arbonne Liquid foundation – Soft Blush.
Barry M Matte Bronzer
I can’t remember what blush I used, sorry!

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly: Base
Makeup Geek – glamorous: Lid
Makeup Geek – Bada Bing: Crease and outer corner and lower lash line.
Makeup Geek – Vanilla Bean: To blend out Bada Bing.
Makeup Geek – Shimma Shimma: Highlight for Inner Corners of my eyes.
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – Black Ink: Upper lash line and water line.
Morgan Annie Mascara – Black.

Black eyeliner pencil to line my lips on the outer corners, this is to create that gothic dark lipstick look.
Nvey Organic Lipstick – No. 354…a dark purple with a red tinge.

This was a really fun shoot because we got to go on a road trip!! I tried out my video camera during the day so I will have a go at editing the footage and putting together a little video…no promises though…we did waffle a lot 😛 

And so concludes another post 🙂 

Please bear with me for the next week as my posts may be on the light side until my boy returns from his travels (this coming Wednesday!!! :D)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!




Mod Photo Shoot.

Hi lovelies,

Last weekend I was model (and makeup artist) for a Mod themed photo shoot. When I met up with Marti to do that 1920’s shoot a few weeks ago he mentioned that he and his friend Zoe, a stylist and owner of online store The Powder Room, had been talking of putting together a 60’s mod shoot for nearly a year but hadn’t met the right model…I jumped at the opportunity to do another shoot, especially a mod shoot (Twiggy makeup, heck yes!) 

So last Sunday Zoe, Marti, Danny (another photographer), Tim (the scooter man!) and myself all met up in an under cover car park…it was raining  a lot hence the under cover car park. I was relieved when I saw that Zoe had put together warm outfits (yay for not freezing ha ha).

Ahhh Marti and Danny, I love you both, such awesome photographers. They are fast and proficient, and fun…and super quick with getting photos edited ♥ They have been added to my “most favourite photographers” list…Belinda being up the top of course 🙂 

Also, Zoe…what an awesome lass. I admire any person who can work as a lawyer but has pink and blonde hair! You all should go check out her store on Facebook: The Powder Room

I will post some photos to my Facebook page also.

 The first set of photos are by Danny Reardon of Jomoboy Photography:

Rest of the photos are by Marti Hughes of Marti Hughes Photography:

Seriously, how good are these two photographers and stylist?! 

I love the white Go-Go boots…want! haha…and Oh Em Gee I seriously need that yellow jacket, orange dress and hat.

I had such fun working with these peeps, can’t wait to do it again 😀


Arbonne Makeup Primer.
Arbonne Liquid Foundation – Buff.
Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer – instead of blush.

Mac Paint Pot – Painterly.
88 Warm Palette – used a cream/white shadow as a base all over the lid up to the eyebrow.
Makeup Geek – Corrupt. To create that line in the crease, line the upper and lower lash line.
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – Black. To draw on the lower lashes.
Barry M – white kohl pencil to line water line.
Morgan Annie mascara – Black.
False lashes from Beauty Case. 

Arbonne lipgloss – Pearl.

 What’s your favourite shot from this shoot? Let me know in the comments.
I actually don’t know if I can choose, I love them all…I think I would have to say the close up one with the yellow coat by Marti and from Danny’s photos, the one where I’m sitting on the floor of the scooter wearing the grey cape. But really, I just love them all 🙂

Well done Marti and Zoe, you came up with a great concept.

Oooh and today I filmed a video! First one in months…I finally have a new video camera so I can start-up video tutorials again 🙂 I will try get this one out tonight or Wednesday.

Mod love…

p.s. Belinda and I are planning a photo shoot for the beginning of September. It is going to be amazing! Wait til you see the location and outfits 😀 I am so excited!!


Indulge Clothing Blogger Competition: Round 3

Whoopee! I’ve made it into round 3!! A massive thank you to everyone who voted for me again this week, you guys are amazing, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you xoxo

This week I was sent a gorgeous sheer blouse by FATE Clothing…it retails for $79.95. On the price tag is written “colour: gold”…it’s more of a bronze-gold, I love it 😀 At first I wasn’t too sure of it but once I tried it on and started pairing it with items from my wardrobe I quickly fell in love.

It is quite a versatile top. You could style it with a pair of black skinny jeans and vans for a more grunge look….or with a pair of black shorts and heels (like I did) for a glamorous look…another way of wearing this top is unbuttoned, over a dress and belted at the waist. See how versatile it is! 

Great colours to put with a gold top are black, purple and a bright turquoise blue (like the ring I am wearing)….the black jeans I was sent in Round 1 have a green/gold sheen and looked pretty cool paired with the blouse. I created a purple/black/gold smoky eye to go with this outfit…rockin’! 🙂

What I’m Wearing:
Sheer Blouse by FATE – Indulge Clothing.
Shorts: Dotti
Shoes: Betts Shoe Store
Bag: Nine West (Borrowed from Belinda)
Earrings: Borrowed from Belinda
Ring: Vintage (Borrowed from Belinda)

Belinda had some fun on the computer, playing around with a couple different effects 🙂 ….I love me some black and white photos!

Makeup Shots:

Arbonne Face Primer
Arbonne Liquid Foundation – Buff 
Barry M Matte Bronzer
Zuii Organic Blush – Melon

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly (Base)
Makeup Geek – Gold Digger (Inner corners)
Barry M – No. 55 Burgundy (Lid and into crease, lower lash line)
Makeup Geek – Cocoa Bear (Blend out the burgundy in the crease)
Makeup Geek – Corrupt (over Cocoa Bear, lower lash line) 
Makeup Geek – Shimma Shimma (Brow highlight)
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – Black (Water line and upper lash line)
Morgan Annie Mascara – Black

Arbonne Lip Gloss – Pearl (is a nude colour but looks more pink as I had a pink lippy on first) 

Phew…big post tonight haha 🙂

I’m sure you all know the drill now 😛 Indulge will post a link to this blog post on their Facebook page sometime tomorrow. I need you to vote for me by liking that link…too easy 😀 Here is the link to their page….I will write a quick update tomorrow to let you know when my post is up!

Thanks so much for your support!!!

You guys are the best…