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Tutorial: Spring/Summer Inspired Makeup Look

(Make sure you watch the video in HD!!)
This week’s tutorial is super easy, colorful and fun 🙂 I really hope you guys like it!!Last week Belinda and I headed down to  Yellagonga Regional Park for a fun spring inspired photo shoot. I had this vision of running through the tall grass looking all romantic and fun…of course reality hit when I remembered that I’m actually allergic to grass and so ended up being SUPER itchy! 😛 haha. Oh well, it was worth it because I love the photos 🙂 I will be posting the some very soon!!For my makeup I wanted something bright, but not too bright, fun and easy, as who wants to spend hours doing their makeup when a beautiful spring/summer day is beckoning?!I checked out the recent 2013 Spring/Summer fashion shows and when I saw the models’ makeup for the Christian Dior show I decided that was going to be my inspiration for this look.Here is the photo I came across:

My version is a little different. I skipped the black liner on the upper lash line, and instead of red lips I used a pretty pink lipstick. I also added some gold liner to my waterline and smudged a darker purple on my lower lash line.

Products used.
Morgan Annie Face Primer.
Arbonne Liquid Foundation – Soft Blush.
Nars Blush – Orgasm.

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly.
Inika Organic Pigment – Velvet.
Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean.
Makeup Geek – Shimma Shimma.
Makeup Geek – Sensuous.
Avon Arabian Glow Eyeliner – Gold.
Makeup Geek – Gold Digger.
Morgan Annie Mascara – Black.

Arbonne Lipstick – Candy
NYX Lip Gloss – Tea Rose

And here is a sneak peek from the Spring Shoot!!!

Do you like my hair? It was so long and boofy I wasn’t sure what to do with it! So I put some product through it and then twisted bits of hair and pinned it back randomly. I was quite pleased with the result hehe. 🙂

Today is another fabulous spring day…made even better by that fact that my boy is coming home this afternoon!! I’m so excited 🙂 I woke up about 3 times last night ha ha.

So I shall sign off now as I have to head off to the airport soon!



Photo Tutorial: Hello Spring!! (A Colourful Look)

It’s Spring y’all! Ok, ok so it’s 14 days into Spring…this celebration post is a little overdue then haha.

I did mean to post this on Thursday but yeah that didn’t happen. My boyfriend left for Germany that day so I was preoccupied with spending the day with him as he is gone for a month!! 🙁 haha

Having just obtained a new colourful set of clothes I am now super inspired makeup wise! I am so excited for COLOUR! I haven’t done a lot of colourful looks lately…a couple years back bright colours was the only kind of makeup I wore 🙂 It’s nice to get back into again. 

I wanted to create a tutorial for this look but didn’t want to spend hours filming and editing so I decided to do a photo tutorial for you 😀

I hope you like this look. If you do, please let me know by commenting and sharing 😀

Step 1: Prime, Prime, Prime! I use MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly…seriously, if you aren’t using this stuff…you should definitely try it out!

Step 2: Place a red eyeshadow on the outer half of your lids and into the crease. I’m using Makeup Geek’s Razzleberry.

Step 3: Using a fluffy dome brush blend out the edges to soften. 

Step 4: Thickly line your lower lash line with a dark green, winging it out at the end to your desired length. I used a dark green from the 88 Coastal Scents Color Palette.

Step 5: Line your waterline with a waterproof gel liner…here I used Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black.

Step 6: Let’s create some depth to this green liner. I added Makeup Geek’s Envy over the dark green, I went about 3/4 of the way in. Then I used a Chartreuse green from the Color Palette in the inner corners.

Step 7: Wing it baby! Using Maybelline Eye Studio in Black I lined my upper lash line and winged it out at the end, following the green line. You can do the wing as long or as short as you like 🙂

Final Step: Add mascara and fill in your brows!!

TA DA!! A nice, easy, super colourful spring/summer look. 😀 

Arbonne Face Primer.
Arbonne Liquid Foundation – Soft Blush.

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly
Makeup Geek – Razzleberry
Makeup Geek – Envy
Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette – Dark Green and Chartreuse Green
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner – Black
Morgan Annie Mascara – Black

Nars blush – Orgasm

Arbonne Lipstick – Candy

Now, my lovelies, it is YOUR turn. Follow these steps and create your own Spring/Summer looks, you don’t have to use these colours, use your own favourite bright shades if you want. I LOVE it when you re-create my looks and share them with me. Seriously, there is no better way to make my day than to share your makeup looks with me via Instagram, Facebook or by sharing the link on my blog 😀

Bring on the colour!!


May Featured Blogger: Stacey Makeup

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to May’s featured blogger interview (albeit a little late, it is now beginning of June *oopsy*) This month I am featuring  Anastasia from Stacey Makeup. When I came across her blog on Makeup Geek I knew I had to feature her on my blog. I LOVE her dramatic, colourful Arabic creations. Some of her looks are simply stunning. I am so inspired to start creating Arabic eye makeup again 🙂 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
My name is Anastasia, I am 26 yrs old and I am genuinely passionate about art and beauty. I live in Republic of Moldova (a small country in the Western Europe). I love to experiment, to try new things… I am not afraid of colours, whether it’s about makeup, or clothes. And I am never afraid of what people might think or say about me. My other passions are cooking (especially something sweet), reading and DIY stuff.

How did you first get involved with blogging?
My blogging journey started with my page on Facebook. I kept posting there my makeup looks and at a point I’ve got a lot of requests to start doing tutorials. I couldn’t ignore all those people who have been supporting me all the time! So, this is how I came up to create a blog and post their step by step tutorials with products I have used.

What do you find most challenging about blogging about beauty/makeup?
Most challenging for me is when there are periods that I just don’t wanna make any post, or lacking inspiration but I MUST TO…! Because my followers are waiting… Because I have assumed the responsibility of creating new and interesting tutorials and posting them regularly. Of course I take breaks sometimes… but it is enough 1.5-2 weeks for me to start missing blogging 🙂

How would you describe your signature makeup look?
A V-shape dramatic eye makeup with a thick wing, long false eyelashes and nude lips! This is my favourite style. I have a special love for arabic like makeup.

What made you first fall in love with makeup?
Well I guess it’s because my mom loves makeup. So it’s like a tradition in our family lol My mom loves makeup, I love makeup and my sister too! I have been practicing since childhood… when nobody’s at home, I was stealing mom’s eye pencils and mascaras and creating crazy designs on my face ))) All in one I think it’s all thanks to my mom 🙂

 Are there any particular celebrities or bloggers that you’re looking to for beauty inspiration?
 When I lack inspiration I look to NATURE! It is enough to take a look on some beautiful pictures and tons of ideas are already in my mind. There are no celebrities I am looking to for beauty inspiration, but there are some bloggers, MUAs whom I admire and I will list them later 🙂

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to your readers?
My beauty tip: Don’t overdo with bronzer or blush especially during the day! Because instantly you can ruin your entire look. It will look so fake and even clownish. Personally I am not a big fan of bronzers and blushes, I am using them occasionally for taking pics. If you’re not good at contouring, and you still want to apply some bronzer/blush, try to do it with a very light hand.

Ok time to share the love, list your top three favourite bloggers whom you look up to and why?
I think there are more then 3 whom I admire, but I will list those 3 whom I am looking for more often comparing to others:
ladydg87ukr– love her! She’s a vlogger. She makes videos on YT. She is a MUA from Ukraine…. I like everything about this girl…. Her style, her technique… Everything is just perfect. I am learning a lot from her especially when it comes to pencil technique.

Alexandra from Alex Makeup  – we share the same love for V-shape eye makeup and thick wings…so I think no more comments needed 🙂 Of course she is great at makeup…very neat and creative!

Gossmakeupartist – I just have to mention him because I learned a lot from his videos on YT. He is also a vlogger. A MUA with experience, he gives a lot of tips and advice. I like that he uploads so often new videos! So make sure to check him, especially if you’re a beginner and wanna learn some basics on how to apply your foundation, concealer, how to contour… He is the best in my opinion 🙂

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?
If you really feel and know that there is something you can share with others, don’t hesitate to join this community 🙂 Be Yourself. Don’t listen to anyone. Ignore all rude and hating comments, but take into consideration any constructive criticism or advice. Don’t expect a lot of followers instantly! If you try your best, your reader will find you one day.

What is something you would like to ask next month’s featured blogger?
List 3 of your favourite brands when it comes to eyeshadows?

Question from last month’s blogger Makeup Junkie Nikki: “What made you fall in love with makeup?”
The variety of colours and textures… It’s my world where I can express myself using all that stuff. It is not only a passion for me but a therapy also when I feel sad 🙂 

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Anastasia! 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this feature and maybe you are feeling inspired to try out your own Arabic eye makeup!! I would love to see photos of any looks you create…feel free to post pics on my Facebook page, I would love it 😀

Until next time!!


Makeup Tutorial – Nicki Minaj “Super Bass”

Yay another video tutorial!! 🙂

This one is inspired by Nicki Minaj’s makeup in her Super Bass video. I have based this tutorial on the second makeup look she is wearing in the video…the green, blue and purple one. I really love the yellow makeup look she has at the beginning but I don’t have a bright enough yellow for that yet!  

Morgan Annie face primer.
Morgan Annie mineral foundation – Light/Medium.
Coastal Scents blush palette. 

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly (used as a primer)
Inika mineral eyeshadow – Kingfisher (Inner corners of my eyes)
Inika mineral eyeshadow – Turquoise (Middle of eyelids)
Inika mineral eyeshadow – Velvet (Outer corner of eyes and into crease)
Barry M Kohl pencil – White (lower lash line)
White eyeshadow from CS Warm 88 Palette (to set the white liner)
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner – Black (waterline and upper lash line)
Lashes – Models Prefer “Off duty model”

NYX lip liner – Rose
Morgan Annie lipstick – Perfect Pink
NYX lip gloss – Beige             
I hope you all enjoy this video..please give it some love by subscribing and sharing 😀

Chloe xx