Oliver! 2009

>Last week I got to help out with the musical of Oliver Twist. My friend Kate was the assistant director and she asked me to help out the makeup artist as there was one makeup artist for over 30 kids and a few men. The women did their own makeup and so did some of the men.

Oliver! is the first experience I’ve had with stage productions. I really enjoyed myself and would love to be involved in more plays/musicals. Oliver! is also the first kind of work experience I’ve had too and putting makeup on other people (I’ve only really had experience putting on my own makeup)…so many firsts in one week 😀

I was able to take some photos and also got a lady, who I’ve did modelling with, and I met again as she was in the show to take photos of me at work 🙂 I am going to use some of the pics for my makeup portfolio. I’m building one up with looks I’ve done and now these Oliver pics.

I was quite tired after this past week. I was doing makeup for 6 days, 2 dress rehearsals and 4 shows…each time makeup would take about 2 and half hours. I stayed till the end for most of the shows so didn’t get home till lateish 🙂

Anyhoo here are some photos:


Doing Mr Brownlow’s makeup

Doing Father Jeff’s makeup (he’s an anglican pastor…that’s why he’s called Father Jeff)

Makeup I did on Glenn…hehe he’s pulling a mean/scary face!

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