Makeup pics from my TAFE course

>Hi all!!
First I want to say “thank you!!!” to all the people following my blog! I can’t believe that I have 9 followers now! I didn’t think I’d get one hehe. So thanks everyone; it’s a big encouragement to keep up the blog when I have followers 😀

Yesterday was week 2 of my makeup for photography unit at TAFE. The class runs from 9:30-3:30 every monday. In the morning our lecturer, Hanne (pronounced “Hannah”) gave a demonstration of the smoky eye and then we paired off and created our own smokey eyes. I’m posting the look my partner (alison) did on me first and then the pics of the look I did on her. Personally I don’t really like the way Hanne created the smokey eye….too unblended. I don’t like the harsh line at the crease, to me a smokey eye is all blended with no harsh lines anywhere. Anyway I went along with Hanne’s “way”. She said that my look was great which is nice 😀

Haha and after class my pa (granddad) picked me up and took me to visit my aunt and cousin. It was a bit embarrassing to be seen in public looking the way I did. Luckily I’m used to do dark eye makeup and going out with it…though I like to think I blend the shadows more 😛

The makeup supplied by TAFE is Napoleon and Kryolan. Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever used Napoleon Perdis products. I loved the Khol eyeliner, blends so well, and the gel eyeliner, it’s really great for lining the water line as it is waterproof. Also the loose dust seems pretty good too 🙂

Well here at the pics, I hope you all like them:

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