>Greetings my fellow makeup obsessed friends hehe!

It’s been awhile since i posted a makeup look. I’ve been taking photos but haven’t gotten around to posting. So here is a look I did last week 🙂 A re-make of a previous colorful arabic look I did. I just love bright colors 😀 Actually this look I did for dancing last week…I love dressing up for the social dances. I come home from the dance and start planning my outfit and makeup for the next week hehe.

Ooooh yes and today I put in my order for some Barry M products. I’m so excited! I can’t wait. I ordered a dazzle dust, nail paint, kohl pencil, and lip paint as I wanted to try each product. Have any of you had experience with Barry M? If so what do you think of his products?

Ok onto the photos 🙂 Tell me what you all think. I love hearing your feedback 😀

Love Chloe xo

p.s. sorry about the quality of the photos. I take them myself and still haven’t really played around with my camera settings. I’m getting better though 😀

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