My favorite designer: John Galliano

>I watched “The September Issue” last week. I really loved it. I am one of those people that loves to know the what goes on behind the scenes; I will watch a movie then watch all the special features, I love seeing how everything is made. So watching The September Issue was really interesting,a real eye opener into the behind the scenes of american vogue magazine. Wow Anna Wintour is one tough/strong/ decisive woman hehe. Anyways from the movie my mum and I discovered our favorite designer: John Galliano (Christian Dior). His collection was so pretty and feminine and wearable, just gorgeous. Hehe we watched that scene a  couple times we liked his clothes so much 😀

So here are some designs from my now favorite designer, his take on the Pre-fall 2010:

isn’t this dress just beautiful 🙂
Love these gorgeous feminine, soft outfits
 Military Inspired
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