I ruff you


Another outfit post  🙂 This is what I wore to Tuesday night  social dance last tuesday. I love my shirt, it says: I ruff you. Hehe so cute.

 Scarf: Femme Connection (melbourne); Shirt: Target; Shorts: ?; Tights: Target; Shoes: Big W
And thought I would change this one to black and white. I like black and white, I am going to try use it more often 🙂

Dancing was lots of fun as per usual! I can’t wait to get back into having lessons again! I miss my lessons, plus I need to have them if I want to get better and find a dance partner for competitions.

Oooo yes and week  one of TAFE is over! So far so good. I enjoyed all of this week, it has been tiring though but it’s great been kept busy and doing something all day and meeting new people 🙂

Until the next post

Au revoir 🙂 xx

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