Feeling Pink!


Well i was very Pink today. 🙂 My mum and I decided to go into town to do some shopping today. I was just going to wear my jeans but then I went for my latest obsession: Tights! Today: Hot pink tights, so bright you almost need sunglasses to look at them 😛 Then I was like Hmm what to pair my tights with? and here is the answer:

Sunglasses: Spoilt Miss
Shawl: Singapore  (a present)
Tights: Kmart; Shoes: Kmart
Top: Target
I really like this outfit. Very loud and out there, very me really. I express myself through clothing not through being loud and out there vocally or in actions hehe. Oh yes and I bought a skirt today it’s really interesting. I shall put it in an outfit sometime soon and showcase it on here hehe.
Mum bought a gorgeous skirt; it suits her very well. I am rather jealous, I want it!  😛
Time to sign out as I want to put a makeup look on here now 🙂
Au revoir!!! xx
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