My Fair Lady

>Hello dear followers 😀 Gosh I just realised how long it has been since I updated my blog 🙁 I will make an effort to write more regularly again!!
My life has been so busy lately. I volunteered to do the makeup for a local stage musical back at the beginning of the year. I went to a few rehearsals and last week the show started. There is 7 shows all up, 4 have come and gone already and I am having such a grand time. I love theatre 😀 I thought I’d share a few photos with you. Especially the ones of the makeup hehe. Oh and the play is called My Fair Lady…I’m sure some of you would have heard of or seen the movie.

Makeup I did on the lead actress for the ballroom scene.
with flash
without flash
 another makeup look by me
 did his makeup too 🙂
Me with a couple of the actors (and no they aren’t that short ha ha they  just bent down quite a bit so as to not tower over me 😛 )
Do feel free to leave comments 🙂 Since I love theatre and makeup so much I am thinking of incorporating costume design and makeup for theatre as a career, I shall what happens at the end of this year when I finish my Fashion Design course at TAFE. 
Anyhoo I must be off ladies as it is getting late and I need my beauty sleep as I have another late night with My Fair Lady show on tomorrow and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.
I shall write again soon,
Love Chloe xx
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