Goth Chic

>I’m back with another outfit plus makeup post 🙂 I got in touch with my darker side last weekend, I went a little goth. This look was inspired by the lipstick a lady was wearing in one of the photos I have in my makeup inspiration folder. I loved the red/black lipstick she was wearing and wanted to try it out for myself. Once I had applied the lipstick I thought it looked rather gothic so I decided my look for that night would be goth influenced. I have an awesome choker given to me by my awesome aunt hehe so I put that and my black dress on, added tartan tights and voila, goth inspired look 🙂

I wore this to the Friday night show of My Fair Lady, I got a few looks and compliments backstage (especially on the choker, thanks Aunty B!) and when my guy friend saw me he stopped midsentence and just stared at me and then whistled ha ha, it was funny 😛

Anyways I hope you guys like this look 🙂

The family dog – Velvet – wanted to be in the photo too hehe
Strike a pose…
I took the closeups with my webcam. I did take some with my camera but I think the webcam ones turned out better.
Until my next post…au revoir! xx
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