>Hey there everyone 🙂 Today I have a colourful look for you . I actually did this a week ago but I haven’t got around to posting it on here yet, oops. Anyways I really love this look. It’s a pretty toned down look for me hehe. But it’s still pretty colourful 🙂 I’ve really noticed my blending improving lately (practice does make perfect hehe) ’tis very exciting.

On a personal note: I went to the big smoke (Perth) last week to spend 4 days with my aunt. I must say those 4 days were lovely, I enjoyed every one of them. BUT since coming back home I have gotten sick 🙁 Very sore throat and swelling of the neck glands *sigh* most likely tonsilitis. But oh well I shall soon be all well again 🙂 I have so much going on in my life that I could write a massive post! So I am going to leave it at this but from now on I thought I’d give everyone a quick update on my non-makeup adventures whenever I write a makeup post 🙂

Barry m – teal on the lid
88 pallet – dark purple in the crease
88 pallet – pink/purple above the crease
88 pallet – white on the brow bone
88 pallet – yellow on the inside of the eye
(I love this 88 pallet!)
Mineral power foundation – Ivory
NYX cream blush – blushed
I can’t remember what lipstick I used, sorry.
Barry m nailpolish…I really love this color 🙂
Thought I better smile for at least one photo hehe..
As always, do feel free to comment and tell me what you think of my looks 😀
Until my next post…Love Chloe xx
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