A glamorous afternoon of baking

>After a week of battling an eye infection, and lounging about in trackie pants and oversized tees I felt the need to dress up and feel glamorous and girly again. And I wanted to put together an outfit I hadn’t worn before. So that’s what I did. I bought this leopard print cardi the same day I bought my musical socks, on sale for $15! Tucked into a high waist skirt and accessorised with a pearl necklace, red heels and fishnets and slick of red lipstick of course.

Oh and since I was going to be baking I of course needed to protect my glamorous outfit with an apron. Out came the “apron” that my friends bought from the op shop as a joke and left at my door a few years ago hehe. I thought I might as well use it. It really is some apron haha. There is a little message handstitched on the inside, from a father to his daughter…how sweet that a dad made an apron for his daughter 🙂

Without the apron…I will definately be wearing this to TAFE sometime soon.
Ok, I’ll share some pics of what I baked that day too. I made 2 pumpkin pies, ANZAC biscuits, Cauliflower soup and roast vegies for dinner that night. Was in the kitchen for hours! hehe.
ANZAC biscuits
Pumpkin pie…haha it burnt a little on top as I was distracted with my other cooking duties 😛
The aftermath of my baking adventures…
 …hehe I should have taken a photo of the washing up! It was a huge pile, I must have used every utensil in the kitchen ahaha
Until I post again
Love Chloe xx
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