> Hello hello how are we all today? 🙂

Ok, hands up who thinks these musical socks are great?! My hand’s up hehe. I bought them from a store called “Sox”, they sell…you guessed it…socks! My kind of store, full of out-there/fun/kooky socks (mainly knee high which are my favorite). I walked in and almost immediately spotted these socks…and I just had to have them. I walked out a very happy chappy hehe 😀

Oooh I just remembered, I did a quick photoshoot with my aunt in the outfit that I wore that night, I shall put a couple pics up in this post. 🙂

Onto the photos. I wore this ensemble to TAFE last week. The socks got quite a few compliments…and double takes as I walked through the packed cafetaria at lunch time 😛 I wore my new hat too and looking in the mirror I thought, “hm I look a bit Michael Jackson-esque”…hence the pose in the second photo haha.

On another note, I see that I am now up to 44 followers!! :-O thanks so much to you all for following me! Anyways since I am only 6 followers off 50, I’m starting to think I’ll have to have a prize give away thing to celebrate the 50 milestone 🙂 How exciting!

The photos from the first time I ever wore these socks 🙂

 Until I post again

Love Chloe xx

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