The Leaving

>Last night was the opening night for the play I’m in “The leaving”. I was nervous, though not as nervous as I thought I would be, before going on stage but as the play started I got into character and even forgot that the audience was there! The plays are been filmed and then will be put into a video for us all to have a copy of. I can’t wait to see it (I think?) haha, not sure how cringe worthy it will be to see myself on camera 😛

The night went off really well, the cast all remembered their lines, nobody fainted with fear or anything like that hehe. I took some photos of my outfit and makeup before leaving the house. However I couldn’t get any good pics so I don’t have any to show you all 🙁 My character is from a good, nice family in the country but she is rebelling and has run away from home and now lives on the streets, so I’ve got kinda gothy makeup and hair but my outfit isn’t goth. The makeup shows the person I’m becoming, the outfit shows the girl I used to be…

I didn’t tease my hair enough last night so it’s not as poofy as I wanted it to be, tomorrow for the second show I’ll do a lot more teasing haha. Tomorrow we are competing against 10 theatres from perth, in a drama festival, woo hoo I’m looking forward to it 😀

I shall post again soon!!
Love Chloe xxx

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