Review: Barry M nail paint

>Hey there! I bought a few Barry M nail paints…ohhh quite a few months ago now…and I FINALLY got around to trying out one of the paints: Limited Edition Pink. My verdict? I love this nail paint! Now I’ll tell you why.
1. The colour…it’s a really nice hot pink. The photos don’t do this colour justice. I couldn’t get my camera to take a photo that showed off the pink in its proper colour…this photo is very close to real life though, just in real life the paint is brighter 🙂 

2. The consistency…the polish is very thin so it makes for a nice, smooth application. I wasn’t expecting the polish to be so thin when I painted my nails so I ended up with heaps on my brush and the liquid running all over my nail. I quickly cleaned it up and made sure I wiped more paint off the brush for the next nail.

 3. It doesn’t streak!…Even though I did apply too much polish on that first nail,as I wasn’t expecting the polish to be so runny, the result didn’t end up going lumpy or streaking at all! You can keep going over the wet polish a few times and it doesn’t streak. I love it.

4. The price…at 2 pounds 95..which equates to around $6 dollars Australian…Barry M paints are affordable! You can afford to buy all the colours in the range 😛

5. Low on chemical smell….most nail polishes really really stink and the fumes give me head aches. Barry M nail paints do smell but they are the least smelly polishes I’ve ever used. I didn’t get a head ache from it and my mum, who is super sensitive to chemical smells like nail polish, paint etc, can use this polish and not get head aches or feel sick.

Here is the link to Barry M’s website where you can buy this nail paint or others…there is a load to choose from 😀 so many colours! I want them all ha ha    http://www.barrym.com/nail-paints Have fun shopping for nail paints 😛 Do tell me if you buy any, I’d love to know what you think of the product.

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