>Eeep guess what guys! I now have 50 gorgeous followers!! I’m really stoked that so many people have joined my blog. I remember being super excited when I had 5 followers now I have 50! he he. Anyways to mark this milestone I am going to send my first and 50th followers a present each 🙂
I will be doing more give aways and competitions in the very near future so everyone will have a chance to win something. 🙂
I’m really excited about what I’m giving to these 2 followers. I’ve decided to keep it a surprise what I’m sending 😛 so I’m afraid you all will have to wait a bit to find out but I know they’ll love their prizes 😀

I will be adding some exciting new additions to my blog very soon! I have been inspired by a book I got out from the library recently.  “Brilliant bags” is a book on how to make your own bags. There are some really beautiful yet simple to make bags in there that I am very keen to try out. Once I get the hang of bag making I am going to sell them on my blog!! I am really looking forward to this. I’ve got a couple other ideas of things I want to make and sell on here. SO be sure to check back regularly for exciting new changes 😀
I’m driving up to the big smoke (Perth) tomorrow so I shall spend some time fabric and embellishment shopping (for my bags) I can’t wait!

Oooh I have more exciting news.  I have applied to study fashion at Uni and my interview to get in is coming up in December. I’m excited…and nervous…I really hope I get in. But if I don’t get in I have other plans so I shan’t be too disappointed. The other news is my TAFE fashion show is coming up in less than 3 weeks!! I can’t wait to see my clothes on the catwalk he he. Don’t worry I will get some photos to show you all 😀

Well I must fly…I have plenty of things to organise for my 3 day trip to Perth 🙂

Thank you again to each and every one of you for becoming part of my blog family!

Much love, Chloe xx

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