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>Hello lovelies….you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting any photos of my outfits lately…the backyard at my new house is still a desert and I haven’t quite worked up the courage to traipse down to the park across the road and take photos of myself haha. But I’ll definitely give it a go soon 😀 

So today I went through my album of outfits and I found a few photos that I haven’t put on here yet! yay. This first outfit..I love the dress and the boots! Those boots get me comments every time I wear them. People just really like them! I love how they are sooo comfortable! Comfortable heels now that’s a rarity haha. The dress i love because it is so darn colourful! As you all know, I am a lover of all things bright and colourful 😀

I really like the next outfit…the dress is one of my favorites…I wear it quite a bit. The red shoes really made the look I think 🙂 I love these shoes…they are my first ever pair of really high heels. I would wear them more often but they squish my toes too much so I can’t wear them for long 🙁

I watched a Coco Chanel biography movie the night before and Coco tied her scarf like this so I copied 🙂

The next group of photos is of the dress I was making for the fashion show. The dress I’m wearing in the photos is my practice dress…made from a green-blue velvet. It’s a really nice fabric. I’ve kept the dress and will make modifications on it cos I want to wear it more often. I really like velvet I’ve decided. It’s oh so expensive to buy though!!

Well that’s all folks!

Much love, Chloe xx

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