Guess what!!!…

>I’ve been accepted into a Perth University to study fashion! I went for the interview this past Tuesday. I honestly didn’t really think I would get in..knowing I’d have to compete with a lot more creative people but the interviewers seemed pretty pleased with my work and said almost straight away that they’d let me into the course…which is by the way is a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Fashion 🙂 and I’m going to study some french units which enables me to go to Paris for 6 months to study french 😀 I’m going over there in the second half of 2012!! I’m more excited about getting to Paris than the actual fashion course I think hahaha..

oooh and last night I put in my application for the South-West Fashion Week in January next year! I’ve entered as a student designer. I’ve just now got to put together a 5 piece range to be put on the catwalk! I’m going for a real girly, feminine look with my range. I started drawing some garments today..will share with you all later 🙂

Oh and I apologise for my lack of makeup looks lately. I’ve had a problem with my eye and haven’t been able to wear eye makeup. boo 🙁 hopefully next week I can start applying makeup again 🙂 I really hope so as I am very sad not being able to do my makeup looks. I really want to start video tutorials but my video camera isn’t very good quality..so I think I’ll stick with photo tutorials for now…speaking of, is there a specific tutorials/look that anyone would like me to do??

I’ve sewed up a couple garments which I want to show you guys! I shall take some photos ASAP 🙂 aaaannnnd I have started making shower caps! I am going to be selling them here on my blog and maybe on an Etsy account…look out for when I start selling them! I’ll be selling them for around $15…I can’t wait to start selling!!

I must go now..it is late and I think I am working with my dad tomorrow..that means I need a good night sleep ahaha

Au revoir mon amies!! xx

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