Tutorial. Bring on the colour!

>Hello gorgeous people 🙂

Today I am going on a road trip with a friend. We are driving up to the big smoke (Perth) for a poetry competition. My friend (who I am road tripping it with) is performing! I have never been to a poetry slam before so I am rather excited. I wanted to do a cool makeup look..with bold colours. Ahhh colour! You make me happy ha ha.

We are catching up with the rest of our gang in Perth. We’re having dinner and getting Bubble Tea…soo excited for Bubble Tea. I had it many years ago and ever since I’ve raved about it to my family. I hope it still tastes good 😀

I also wanted to do a photo tutorial. So here is my bold colourful tutorial!

 Step 1: Apply a base, I use MAC’s paint pot in Painterly.
 Step 2: Apply a blue eyeshadow on the lid and blend up and out. I used Barry Dazzle Dust #94.
 Step 3: Add a pop of yellow on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Barry M dazzle dust #76.
 Step 4: apply a reddish colored eyeshadow from the middle of the brow bone to the inner corner of the eye. I used the red from my 88 pallet. Blend.
 Step 5: Add the pop of white in the corners. I don’t have a really vibrant white eyeshadow so I just used my Barry M khol pencil in white. Blend.
 Step 6: Line under the lower lashline with a purple eyeshadow. I used a dark grape purple from my 88 pallet.
 Blend up and into the blue.
Step 7: line the water line with a black liner. I used a generic black gel liner from Makeup Geek.

And here are some full face shots…

Ok well that was a LOT of photos ha ha…I went a bit crazy with the photos  😛

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