Starting up my own makeup artist business

Hi guys!!!

It’s been many months since I’ve updated my blog! waaaaaaa 🙁 Sending a big sorry out to all those who have been following me and haven’t had any new posts to read for so long! But I am back and ready to blog away again. yay!!

I am finally branching out into doing makeup on other people for a living! Well more like a hobby right now haha, unless this takes off and then I can quit my other job, wooo! 🙂
I’m posting the link to my ad on here in case there is anyone from Perth who may be looking for a makeup artist sometime in the future!


I’m posting ads in the newspaper too…so here’s to hoping that I get some work 🙂

I haven’t been wearing makeup for most of this year, another reason why I haven’t updated my blog in soooooooooo long! But last week I started back at it and I shall start posting tutorials and new looks very soon *happy dance*

Ohhh and one last thing…I have 68 followers now! Thanks very much for joining me on my blog new followers! xx

Look out for new posts very soon.

Love Chloe xx

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