Long time, no post!

>HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!! Ok it has been way too long since I’ve updated my blog *sad face* Sorry guys!
Hey guess what! I finally have some new makeup photos to show you!! *happy face* haha.

The first look is one that was requested by my friend, yay a request, thanks Saskia! I was pretty excited hehe…so if anyone wants to make my day just send me a makeup request ;)…

Hmm I can’t really remember what I used for this look..let’s see:
Foundation: Nude by nature liquid mineral foundation in Light.
Blush: One of the blushes from my blush pallet.
Now for the eyes, fairly simple. I used Barry M khol pencil in White as a base for my eyelids and also applied under my lash line and water line and under my brows.Then I set the liner with a white eyeshadow from my 88 pallet. Used a hot pink shadow from my 88 pallet (I love my 88 pallet!!) To complete the look I filled in my brows and added ardell lashes in sweeties.

The second look is goth inspired. Every now and then I feel like visiting my darker side (maybe a bit more often then “every  now and then” haha :-P)…I love playing with dark lips so for this look I colored my lips in black eyeliner, blended, then added red lipstick over the top. My eyes were super easy too, I just did thick black winged liner (using Maybelline Gel liner in Black) and blended black eyeshadow across my lid…don’t forget a couple coats of black mascara!. I used my palest foundation (Revlon Color Stay in Ivory) for a nice pale face and no blush. Fill in those brows, add some goth looking accessories and off you go 🙂

I promise to try keep this blog updated from now on 😀 yay!

Love Chloe

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