New Years Eve 2011

>HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that you all had a wonderful time bringing in 2012 🙂 I spent my NYE with the people I love…my Jack Jack, close friend Emma and my Aunt and Uncle: Belinda and Brendon. I went to dinner with Jack and Emma at a hotel restaurant. Buffet baby! All the dessert I could eat, yes!! 😛

Jack, Me, and Emma waiting for the bus after dinner, on NYE <3

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After dinner we caught the bus back to Emma’s, where we said good bye and wish Happy New Year to Emma as she had to work early the next morning. Jack and I drove to Belinda’s on a mission…our mission: to convince them to come out and have fun with us! It turned out to be quite easy ha ha. To the city we went…Perth put on a cool fireworks display on the river. We actually had no idea where the fireworks were going to be let off…right in front of us it turned out!! Awesome! Except for the ash that kept flying in our eyes ;-P
Fireworks bringing in the new year with a bang! They were so pretty. My favorites are the ones that are gold and sparkly and make fizzy noises as they come down ha ha
I think the best part of the night was heading into the city in search of munchies and ending up in San Churro Chocolatier! Mmm chocolate heaven 😀 I had a delicious sundae. We sat by the open windows and watched the merry makers flow past us. I saw so many different people stream past the window in short space of time we were there. I could have sat there all night watching hehe.

I didn’t make any “resolutions”..I always break them so I don’t bother ha. But there a few changes I want to make to my life this year. I want to be more positive this year. I want to make things more about other people and less about myself and I am going to focus on my blog more. I could write a massive list of changes ha ha..but I’m going to keep it small so I don’t overwhelm myself like I normally do.

So did you make a resolution? What was it? I’d love to hear from you all 🙂

Tomorrow I am working on material for my blog! I have a day to myself and I am determined not to waste it!!

Hugs and Kisses

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