Review & Swatches: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows – Review No. 2

Today I received a message from a follower on my Facebook page. She had noticed I used Makeup Geek eyeshadows and wanted to know if they are worth buying (they are indeed!). Her message reminded me that Makeup Geek sent me 8 eyeshadows, colours of my choice, a few months back and I completely forgot to do a review on them!!

So today I am reviewing the following shades:
Top Left to Right: Shimma Shimma, Purely Naked, Gold Digger & Glamorous.
Bottom Left to Right: Country Girl, Cocoa Bear, Bada Bing & Corrupt.

I struggled to get these two colours to show up on camera, super annoying! 

Shimma Shimma is the best highlight shade! It works well with so many skin tones. It is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I use it for the inner corners of the eye to create the illusion of being wide awake and for opening up the eyes. I also use it to highlight the brow bone. Verdict 5/5

Purely Naked is a great versatile colour. I use it a lot for going to work, I place it on my lid and blend a darkish brown into the crease for depth. I also use it to blend out dark crease colours and on the brow bone if I don’t want to use a shimmery colour up there. This colour is perfect for ladies who prefer a super natural look and only want a little colour on their eyes. The colour pay off isn’t fantastic, I do have to build it up but that’s my only negative comment on this colour 🙂 Verdict 4/5

Gold digger…a beautiful gold shade. The colour pay off isn’t the greatest, it does require a bit of building up but that’s the only issue I have with it and minor issue it is. Verdict 4/5

Glamorous is probably my most used MUG eyeshadow, apart from Shimma Shimma. This colour looks amazing on every eye colour, but really brings out blue and green eyes. I use Glamorous on my lid and Bada Bing in the crease for gorgeous bronzy brown/black smokey eye…stunning. The colour pay off is AWESOME. I can’t talk highly enough about this colour hehe 🙂 Verdict 5/5

Sooo, I actually have never used Country Girl in a makeup look!! This is the only colour I haven’t used. I’m not really a big fan of this colour and it’s colour pay off. To me it just looks like a washed out Cocoa Bear. Verdict 3/5

Now, Cocoa Bear…I LOVE!! It is a lovely matte red-brown with awesome pay off. Definitely one of my favourites. Cocoa Bear and Chickadee are a gorgeous combo (they look great on Blue Eyes). I have posted a makeup look using those two colours together with a soft yellow, it has become one of my go-to looks 🙂 Verdict 5/5

Ok first thing first…I am sorry about how messy the colours are on my arm!! I tried to clean it up for the photo but I just made it look worse ha ha! 😛

Corrupt…ok this is seriously the BLACKEST black I have ever come across and every person who has tried it agrees with me. If you only buy one colour from Makeup Geek this is the colour to get!! I use this for eyeliner, creating proper black smokey eyes and adding some darkness to my crease colour. LOVE. Verdict 5/5

Bada Bing. At first I barely touched this guy…but then I decided to give him a whirl and I fell in love 🙂 In the photo Bada Bing looks a little on the matte side, it actually has gold flecks in it which make for a nice dark chocolate-brown smokey eye. It is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I use this a lot now for clients (and myself) as it isn’t as harsh as black but it is still quite dark. Verdict: 5/5

The Essentials:
Makeup Geek does NOT test on animals and is Talc and Paraban Free. 
Price: $5.99
Where to buy: Makeup Geek 

Once again I am very impressed with Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Seriously girls why buy high-end brands when you can buy Makeup Geek for the same quality and it’s only $6!! 

I have noticed that MUG do a lot of neutral shades, which is cool but I would love to see Marlena and her team start bringing out some super bright shades to even out the balance of neutral and bright. 

I have another 12 shades coming to me in the post!!! Super excited 😀 I will be doing a review on them when they arrive…ohhh I can’t wait!

Au revoir…

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