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Hello lovelies!

This week’s Instagram post is mostly about makeup! The best kind of post, right? 😛

My week started off with a makeup party on Tuesday night. May I present the lovely Lisa and her friends:

See that girl with red lipstick? How stunning does she look! Not everyone can pull of red lips but she sure can 🙂 

Uh oh! I got a little  big bit wet on Friday! I had to run a couple errands at work…the weather had been wintery all day, lots of rain and VERY windy. I looked out the window and thought “Oh yeah, it’s not raining, I’ll do my errands now.” Get  outside *bam!* starts POURING with rain. I did have an umbrella but the wind made mince meat of it so I just had to get wet. To be honest I actually didn’t mind. I felt so alive running through the wind and rain! Am I the only one who feels like that? ha ha.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to film this makeup look for you all…I hope you appreciate my dedication to you all! 😉 I found an Autumn inspired look on Makeup Bee and I had to recreate it! It was stunning.

After I filmed that Autumn tutorial I then had to quickly pack up my kit and make my way to Jacqui’s house to do her makeup for a lunch event. Jacqui is a fitness trainer for Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge…you may have seen the name floating around on Facebook? Jac is such a sweet girl! I loved getting to do her makeup for the end of challenge lunch with all her girls.

I am on fire with these tutorials lately! Oh how I love my video camera 😀  So this morning I filmed a requested look: Adele inspired makeup. I will be posting it next week! Suzanne, if you are reading this post, this tutorial is for YOU!

I’m sure you all will know what this look is inspired from! In case you don’t, this is inspired from the movie Black Swan. I’ve never really played around with more creative makeup such as this. I love creating bold, colourful looks but they have always been wearable. Not even I would wear this look out, unless it were for a costume party, hehe. I thought this would be an epic fail but I surprised myself and I’m pretty happy with the result. You will be seeing more of this look very soon! 🙂

Well that wraps up my week in Instagram! 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that your week is shaping up to be fantastic one 🙂


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