A Short Instagram Post.

Hi gorgeous people 🙂

Did you have a great weekend? I had quite the slothful weekend which makes a nice change! I’ve been so busy these past few weekends so it was nice to relax. I went to the beach on Saturday with Jack…Jack swam and I fell asleep on my towel haha. The funniest thing happened while we were eating lunch on the lawn. A sea gull pooped on my HEAD!!! I couldn’t stop laughing but poor Jack was on the verge of throwing up 😛 The worst bit was when I had to wash it out of my hair…yuck! Did anything exciting/funny/gross happen to you over the weekend? 

I don’t have a many Instagram photos to share this week. I’ve been a very quiet Instagrammer lately, due to being sick for nearly 2 months…and I couldn’t access internet on my phone for a couple weeks too. But! I am pretty much over my sickness now and have my internet back so Instagram here I come 🙂

Saturday October 20: My first ever photo shoot that I’ve organised myself! Thanks to my three gorgeous models Charlotte ^, Jess, Christine, amazing hair stylist Jenelle and wonderful photographer Belinda.

Jess. She found this wedding dress at the op shop for only $35!!

The lovely Christine was our romantic/boho bride 🙂

I had ran a private makeup lesson with Christina last Monday, she did such a good job on her eyes don’t you think? 🙂 

Working on my White Swan tutorial, I paused it to do some editing…love it when you pause a video and you end up looking like you are pulling some weird face ahaha.

Going a little insane at work last Friday 😉 I’m not cut out for office work, give me a makeup brush and a client’s face to work on any day! haha.

Annnnnd that’s all for this week’s My Week In Instagram post. If you have any fun stories to tell from last week please do share them in the comments below 😀


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