I’m going to FRANCE!

Finally!! After years of saying “I’m gonna go travelling this year”, I am finally doing it! Last week I booked the ticket…scariest moment in my life I’m sure. I couldn’t click the “book now” button, I had to get my boy to do it 😛

My ticket!!!


At first I wasn’t really that excited but on Tuesday night I took my laptop and notepad to my favorite cafe Greens n Co (a super indie cafe, and the reason I love it is because of their generous servings of cake!! I do not enjoy buying cake if it doesn’t make me feel almost ill 😛 I know, I’m weird)…

I didn’t take any photos while I was there but here is a photo of cake from a previous time!

photo 1

and here is a photo of myself and my friend at Greens n Co last year…I love all the lights!

photo 2


Anyhoo! So I went to Greens n Co, ordered a slice of Mulberry Tart and a Chai latte and spent 2 hours figuring out where I want to go in France…I think I’ve narrowed it down to Paris, Bordeaux, Camargue, and Marseille….Once in Marseille I aim to do day trips around Provence then head back to Paris and home!

I could travel to more places but i don’t want to do a whirlwind tour de france! I want to stay in one place for a few days and take it all in, my housemates said to hire a bike and ride everywhere so I’ll probably do that. I don’t really want to be super touristy and do tours and all that…I just want to soak in the countryside, eat at small cafes, wander the streets…I want to take everything in 🙂 Besides, I will be going back to see more of France in the near future!

I will be leaving on 7th August and will return on 28th August. I’m going to take my video camera with me and do some filming for you all! I thought it would be fun to keep a video diary…I’ll also post updates on here as well. I’m making sure that all the places I stay at have internet so I can keep in touch with everyone 🙂

I’m not going to stay in hotels, I’m going through Air BnB. It’s where you can stay in someone’s room for a certain amount of time and it’s really cheap! I’m looking at rooms that are around $25-$35 a night…I’ve found some rooms I like already and have calculated that all up accomodation should cost around $570 leaving me plenty of spending money 😀

Sooo if you have been to France and fell in love with a certain place, or found awesome cafes/bars/activities etc, please let me know in the comments! I would love to hear from you and would really appreciate the input 🙂



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  • Reply
    Saskia I
    April 4, 2013 at 9:41 am

    Oh my gosh Chloe, you finally did it!!!! AHHHH I’m so excited for you! Who are you going with? Can I come meet you somewhere for a weekend? You’re going to LOVE France, I can tell. Much love xxx

    • mm
      April 4, 2013 at 3:10 pm

      Hey gorgeous! I”m so excited :D….YES please come and visit me!! I am going by myself 🙂 xox

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