Paris: Jour 5 et 6


Hmm this is going to be a long post πŸ˜› Sorry I haven’t written for a few days!

Day 4 as I said in my Day 3 post, I didn’t do anything that day. Just stayed around the apartment so nothing to write about there.

So Day 5:

I visited the Louvre on Monday. Hmm what to say about it. TOO MANY PEOPLE is all I can really say πŸ˜› The museum opens at 9am. I arrived at 9.15am. The line was already about a 1km long (no joke) but it moved quickly and 40 minutes later I was in the museum. There is 4 sections of the museum. I did all 4 in about 2 hours haha. Perhaps it’s because I have spent so many hours outside for the past week, but I felt quite claustrophobic in there! I went straight to the Mona Lisa as I knew that’s where everyone else would go too and I wanted to get a photo of it before there was too many people. Ha wishful thinking! When I got there there was a throng of asians surrounding it. I don’t get it, take a photo and then move on! A freakin stampede shouldn’t occur. I tried to get to the front to take a photo and was literally crushed! People were shoving each other, everyone was getting crushed, tempers were flaring…I was on the verge of losing it and nearly went loco on everyone so I wormed my way out of the crowd. It was insane! I was like “right, I’m out of here. No way i’m going to risk my life to take a selfie with the mona” πŸ˜› hahaha. So I took a photo of the crowd, glared at them all and then stomped off.




Mona you're a bit disappointingly small!

Mona you’re a bit disappointingly small!



Bad photo, cool ceiling


So I went in search of food. When moody, eat food πŸ˜› I found the cafeteria place and ordered a caesar salad and chocolate mousse. The salad was really nice and my body enjoyed the change from baguettes, pasta, and jam toast which is all I’ve really been eating ha. Ok ok so I bought a Sprite…I needed the sugar rush after my near death experience at Mona Lisa.




Can't even tell t

Can you tell I like chocolate mousse?

The following photos are just ones that I snapped while wandering around the museum. I didn’t take a whole lot. I mainly just took the photos for my family, so they know what the Louvre looks like Β πŸ™‚








Creepy baby!

Creepy baby!



Checking each other out? haha



Sup?…I quickly wandered through the Egyptian display but wasn’t that great.




After the Louvre I wanted to visit the two vintage stores near there. One wasn’t open…the other, I couldn’t find the street haha. I spent a good two hours walking in circles and eventually chucked the towel in and decided to visit Notre Dame instead.





Notre Dame

Notre Dame

I think Notre Dame is one of my favourite places. The building really appeals to me. I love it’s gothic look and feel. I didn’t go in as the line was massive so I sat in the park beside it and made use of the free wifi.

So I wasn’t having the best day and I was just over being out so decided to wander back home and blog or sleep or something. Well! I went down to the RER station but I haven’t taken it and not sure of all the lines so I walked back out and went looking for the metro instead. A guy was sitting on the wall when I walked down and he was still there when I came up out of the station. He called me over and asked if I needed help. He seemed so nice so I said where is the metro. He jumped up and said come with me I will show you and I was ok cool. He took me to the metro alright…and then he made it his goal to take me ALL the way home. He didn’t speak English well and I (not wanting to be rude) didn’t really know how to tell him I was ok now that I was on the metro….don’t think he would have listened anyway. Anyway so that was all a bit awkward and I was like “ahh how am I going to get rid of him!!”….he still seemed nice but then he started getting his sleeze on and was like “i’m in love with you” and then walked all the way back to my apartment and was like “can I come in for water” (pfftt it’s not water you want!) and I said NO. He was quite disappointed and walked off. so I’ve learnt now, just be rude and then run away really fast haha.

So after that little experience I was too nervous to leave the apartment for the rest of the day. I stayed in my room from 3-8.30pm haha. Then Henning invited me to go to Yohann’s place to meet the Austrian couchsurfers. So off we went. The couchsurfers, Carmen and Mario are so nice! Carmen invited me to come to Vienna one day and stay with her and I said that if she comes to Perth I will host her πŸ™‚

I spent most of the time talking with Carmen. We all played a game for a while and then kinda split into groups…the frenchies at the window smoking (everyone and i mean everyone in France smokes! I am pretty sure the length of my life has been halved from all the second hand smoke). Me, Carmen and Mario. There was German, French and English being spoken at once it was pretty cool πŸ™‚ although it will be nice to be in a room where I know what everyone is saying, especially when I know they are talking about me haha.

About to head out Monday night.

About to head out on Monday night.


Day 6:

Tuesday I decided I wanted to visit theΒ Le cimetiere du Pere Lachaise…the really big cemetery in Paris where a bunch of famous people are buried. I asked everyone wanted to come and they did. So Carmen, Mario, Henning, Yohann, Courtney and myself headed off around 11ish. The boys acted as our tour guides ha.

While I waited for everyone to arrive at the apartment I sat on my window ledge and soaked up the sun. I’m getting tanned!! I have felt so white in France. Everyone here has such beautiful tanned skin!

Catching some morning sunshine before heading off to the cemetery.

Catching some morning sunshine before heading off to the cemetery.





Streets of Bastille

Streets of Bastille





Le cimetiere du Pere Lachaise

Le cimetiere du Pere Lachaise






Jim Morrison's grave

Jim Morrison’s grave





Oscar Wilde's grave

Oscar Wilde’s grave







After the cemetery we all went our separate ways. Carmen and Mario to see the Eiffel Tower, Courtney to see the Louvre, Henning to work, Yohann to read in a park and me to Notre Dame seeing as I didn’t really get to explore the area much last time.

I found the bridge that has all the padlocks! Lovers write their names on the locks, lock it to the bridge and then throw the key into the river….how romantic haha.






Another photo of Notre Dame



notre dame selfie

notre dame selfie

I then went in search of food. I eventually stopped at a bakery and bought Croissant Jambon frommage (ham and cheese croissant) and orange juice then I walked to the Sein and found a place to eat. It was really relaxing πŸ™‚

Croissant by the Seine

Croissant by the Seine

I then caught the metro back to the Louvre and walked to Le Stube where Henning and Yohann work. Had a drink and a bagel that looked like a giant pretzel with some cream cheese dip. Then I went home.

So that’s about it really. Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last full day in Paris!! Friday I will be heading down to Bordeaux! I need to book my train ticket actually. It feels weird to think that I’m leaving Paris. I have become comfortable in this room, this apartment and I have made friends so I feel as though I live here ha. It has been a very up and down visit but has mostly been really good πŸ™‚

Au revoir! xx



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  • Reply
    August 15, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    It s very fun to follow your adventures ! I agree with you and the Mona Lisa, she s quite small πŸ™‚
    Thank you for all the food photos, love a good ham and cheese croissant πŸ™‚
    Ah French guys always think they are irresistible….(not..) πŸ™‚
    I was going to ask you what you thought about everyone smoking in France, isn t that crazy ? Really bad.
    What do you think of the sun, it doesn t feel as strong over there. I don t think I wore much sunscreen at all while living in France but you wouldn t last 5 minutes here.
    Anyway, enjoy your last day and enjoy the ride to Bordeaux, the city is gorgeous !
    Take care

    • mm
      August 17, 2013 at 6:22 pm

      The sun is definitely not as strong as Australia. I haven’t worn sunscreen at all since arriving in France and I haven’t been burnt…and I’ve been out walking ALL day! It’s great. I wish Australian summer was like this.
      Bordeaux is beautiful! I am about to write up a post about it now πŸ™‚ xx

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