My last two days in Paris

Hi all πŸ™‚

Sorry I haven’t posted about my last days in Paris. To be honest I didn’t do a whole lot on the last three days. I hit a wall of tiredness and struggled to stay awake during the day haha. I had late nights every night almost. Saturday was 4am, monday 3am, tuesday 2 or 3am, wednesday 4 or 5am and thursday 6am and last night was around 1.30am. My poor body ha. And I’ve only been sleeping til 9ish so haven’t had a lot of sleep.


Each person in this photo is amazing and I’m so glad to have met them!

From left to right: Mario and Carmen (From Austria), Courtney (From America), Yohann (France) and Henning (from Germany but lives in France) and me πŸ™‚ We took this photo the day we all went to the cemetery. So now I have people I can visit in four different countries!


I left the house around lunch time I think? I wanted to do some shopping so decided on walking to the Galaries Lafayette in Montparnesse…which is just down the road from my apartment (well down the road but took at least 40 minutes to walk there). On the way I bought lunch…some wrap thing that was called a Crudites, don’t know what it is but it was so tasty!! I came across the Montparnesse cemetery so went in for a wander and to eat my lunch in there. The French go to cemeteries to eat and just to chill out and read books…even weirder is the fact that they have roads through the cemeteries so you can actually drive through them haha.

Crudites - Poulet...whatever bread this is, it's really tasty!

Crudites – Poulet…whatever bread this is, it’s really tasty!


Cos that's what everyone does here...eats in the cemetery haha

Cos that’s what everyone does here…eats in the cemetery haha

I found the galeries lafayette but didn’t find anything of interest. Walked through another shopping centre but found nothing in there either. I then started to wander back to the apartment as I didn’t feel like walking anymore and was too tired to do much anyway.

As I neared my apartment I realised I hadn’t taken a photo of the outside…so here’s a photo of it. You can see my window! It’s the one straight ahead, on the third floor. Underneath is a small bar. Every night people were in there til 12ish and someone was always playing a guitar and signing. It was really nice πŸ™‚

My apartment!

My apartment!

I stayed in my room for the next few hours until I got a message from Carmen to invite me to come out with her, henning and yohann.Β Β I offered to do Carmen’s makeup as her backpack was stolen on the train to France so she didn’t have any makeup. We all met at La Stube (the german restaurant) where I did her makeup…I can add “doing a client’s makeup in a german restaurant in france” to my list of places I’ve done makeup at ha. We met at like 11.40pm and left just after midnight. Caught the metro into Bastille where all the clubs are apparently. We spent most of the time walking the streets trying to find a club…plenty of bars but the clubs were shut! Carmen and I were very disappointed as we both love to dance! We ended up going into a bar around 2.30am and we danced in there for a while.

The bar tender did this awesome thing were he put alcohol on the bar top and lit it! The whole bar top was on fire it was amazing!! I wish I could have taken a photo of it. Also, you don’t get asked for ID here! Anyways we were all a little disappointed about not being able to dance and really tired so we caught a taxi and went home for much needed sleep.






I went back to champs elysees on thursday…and I FINALLY bought something! Seriously I’m the worst shopper…I’d been in Paris a week and hadn’t bought anything! I went into H&M and i ended up buying jeans, a top, a skirt and a scarf.

So I spent my afternoon walking into all the stores and I was going to walk over to the arc de triomphe as I wanted to climb the stairs to see the view…but it cost 10 euro and I wasn’t going to pay that just to climb stairs!!

If only I had a spare 1000 Euro to spend on awesome shoes

If only I had a spare 1000 Euro to spend on awesome shoes


This ice cream was so good!

This ice cream was so good!


Bought this skirt and shoes

Bought this skirt and shoes

I got home around 4ish perhaps? Β Again, I was too tired to do much and I just wanted to relax in the apartment. I had left my makeup in the restaurant so around 5.30 I went to meet Henning there so I could get my stuff. He and Yohann were there. They invited me out for my last night in Paris! Off we went to Chatlet to meet up with Henning’s German friends Julie and…I can’t remember the other girl’s name :/…we went to two different bars. At the second place Frank and his brother (Germans again) met us. We didn’t leave that bar til around 11.30pm. They decided on a club to go to so we all went home to get ready. Frank and his brother came with me and Henning. I wore my new cat skirt and black top πŸ™‚

Then we had to try find a taxi…we didn’t have to wait too long fortunately. We only went part of the way in the taxi because we were meeting Yohann at some metro station…He said that the club was only a 20 minute walk from there…LIES! by this time it was 1am…by the time we got to the club it was passed 2am! My poor feet πŸ™ I almost didn’t feel like dancing when we finally arrived haha. But I soon got into it and had a great time dancing to the music (electro music! no american pop music in this club haha). We left the club around 4am…catching a taxi straight home. I probably would have screamed and just slept on the street if the guys said we were going to walk back haha.

So my last night in Paris was a good night πŸ˜€

I am in Bordeaux now. Just spent my first day here. I have a few photos to share…will write the post tomorrow. It’s 11.30pm now so I think I’ll have an early night tonight πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I am going to try figure out how to catch the bus to Arcachon (a popular beach town an hour from Bordeaux) and will spend the day at the beach!!

Au revoir! xx

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  • Reply
    August 18, 2013 at 4:53 am

    Fantastic Chloe, it s great to make friends while traveling !
    How long are you staying in Bordeaux for ? couch surfing ?

    • mm
      August 18, 2013 at 6:04 pm

      Hey πŸ™‚ I am here for three days…Monday is my last day. I leave tuesday morning for toulouse. And yes I am going through Airbnb (like couch surfing) πŸ™‚ xx

  • Reply
    November 18, 2017 at 8:07 am

    You’re trip looked amazing. Especially the beach area. we finally went to Europe for the first time this summer. You’ve given me travel fever.

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