Bordeaux: Part 1

Bonjour πŸ™‚

My last post was from Paris. I have now being in Bordeaux three days…this is my last night….well actually I was supposed to have checked out tonight! I meant to have booked the room for today and including tonight but the host thought it was tonight I left…ooops. All good thought, I’m just going to pay for an extra night.

So I left Paris on friday afternoon. Henning very kindly offered to accompany my to the train station. I was relieved because I had a big heavy suitcase to get down all the stairs down to the metro and then back up the stairs haha. And the train station was huge. It was nice to have someone with me…and to have someone see me off πŸ™‚ Β So, thanks Henning.

The train ride was uneventful. It was a three hour trip but it seemed to go really fast! I think because as soon as I sat in my seat I started falling asleep. Although I tried to keep myself awake. I have this weird thing where sometimes I fall asleep and then jerk awake gasping for air, it’s like I stop breathing or something and I wake up in a panic…I get it especially when I’m stressed. Anyway I started falling asleep on the train and I did it!!! I wasn’t’ too dramatic this time but I didn’t want to fall asleep and then scare the heck out of the lady sitting next to me by jumping awake and gasping like a lunatic haha. I made myself stay awake.

Bordeaux is beautiful. I really like this city. It’s smaller than Paris but still big…the city centre is really clean. It has beach town feel about it, even though the beach is an hour away. A cool breeze is always blowing, the shopping is really good, and there are so many great looking cafes.


open fields…a nice change from being surrounded by buildings!



I bought a chicken wrap and a caramel chocolate thing. The wrap was the tastiest chicken wrap I have every tasted!…and this was train food!!

I arrived in Bordeaux around 7pm. My host Maryline was waiting for me…thankfully! I was so used to the Metro I had no idea how to use the bus and what bus to take…and the ticket system is different in Bordeaux.

Maryline showed me to my room and I stayed in there for a couple hours just relaxing. Although when I saw this teddy bear on the bed I didn’t feel so relaxed. I’m sure it’s the bear from hell! I was almost certain it was going to come alive while I slept :/


Creepiest teddy bear I have seen…I am sure it is possessed

That night Maryline invited me to come along on a picnic on the bordeaux foreshore with her boyfriend, house mate Jordan and her friends. I went along…only in France can you go for a picnic at 9pm and it’s still light. That was a bit strange haha…of course we had baguettes for dinner and wine. I tried a little of the white wine…it was really sweet, perfect for me πŸ™‚ I was given a glass of what I thought was orange juice…wrong, it was rum! It was in a glass bottle with lemons stuffed in the bottom. It looked like homemade orange juice. So I took a swig and nearly breathed out fire…the stuff was strong haha.

Where we were sitting was right beside a cement area where a whole group of people were dancing! Each night there is dancing at this spot…tango, salsa etc..that night was rock night so everyone was doing the jive. I wish that I could remember how to do these dances as I really wanted to join in!! We watched from the sidelines….it all ended just after midnight. So cool! Perth needs something like this!!!Β We didn’t get home til around 1am. I was falling asleep in the car!


This is the apartment building I’m staying in



The street…it’s so quiet!! Not like my room in Paris!



There are some beautiful buildings in Bordeaux



The public bikes you can use for like 1 Euro a day…it’s the same in Paris too



Was so tempted to jump in this water feature. The water looked so cool and inviting and I was so hot!





Couldn’t find the tourist office but I ended up finding a map lying on the ground in a park πŸ™‚



this cruise ship looks so out of place



Shallow water in the centre of Bordeaux for people to walk through and cool down. It was so cool! I wanted to roll around in the water haha











thinking the streets are really quiet...

thinking the streets are really quiet…


...and then I found the shopping strip ha

…and then I found the shopping strip ha



Cool old church…reminded me of a mini Notre Dame



Bell tower!!



inside the church.

I was really hungry so went looking for food. I am finding it really hard to buy food here because there is SO many places to choose from. I don’t do well with too many choices haha…I just don’t end up deciding on anything. I think that’s why I have barely eaten since being here. Anyway I found a place. Bought a sandwich and lemon tart and then walked back to the river to eat in that little garden with all the yellow flowers.



this lemon tart was amazing

this lemon tart was amazing


Had to buy new shoes as my feet were melting in my vans

Had to buy new shoes as my feet were melting in my vans



View from the bus stop


Micky the cat

Micky the cat

Day 2: (Sunday)

Not much to write about…was a wasted day. Went to church in the morning which was quite cool…couldn’t understand most of it as it was all in French but I enjoyed signing in French πŸ™‚ Β Then I planned to take the train to the beach….it’s an hour train ride. Anyhooo…I wanted to find the tourist office to get a map on how to get to the beach town. I was told by my host I could take a bus but when I asked the info lady she said I had to take a train. Anyhoo, long story short; took me two hours to find the train station, bought the ticket (12 euros), then couldn’t figure out what train I actually had to take so I missed the train πŸ™ so had another hour walk back to my bus stop to get home. Was upset and really hot and my feet were killing me. I really wanted to see the beach!





Kit Kat mcflurry with caramel sauce...sooooo good!

Kit Kat mcflurry with caramel sauce…sooooo good!

My feet were about to pack it in and my morale was through the floor, I spotted McDonalds and made beeline for it. When having a crap day; buy a McFlurry!! And they have KitKat McFlurries here…my day drastically improved πŸ˜€ haha

It looked and sounded like these guys were having a hearty debate, outside Maccas..

It looked and sounded like these guys were having a hearty debate, outside Maccas..

After a respite at McDonalds I continued on my way to the bus stop. Stopping ended up being a bad idea because I then realised how bad my blisters were. Right on the sole of my left foot was particularly painful; I could barely walk. I saw H&M so hobbled in a bought a cheap pair of canvas shoes…bliss for my feet haha. So I made it to my bus and went home to get an early night and hoping for a better third day.

Bus selfie!

Bus selfie!

I was going to do all three days in one post but it’s turning out to be too big so I’ll do day 3 three in the next post. πŸ™‚

I shall write again soon!!

Au revoir xx



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    August 20, 2013 at 10:14 am

    First of all : I LOVE Michel et Augustin biscuits and cakes !!! Divine, aren t them ! That remind me, I need to add them to my list of things my dad will bring at Christmas πŸ™‚
    I do love Bordeaux, it s lovely. I was there with my grand mother and we actually waited for the cruise ship as some of my American friends were on it, great memories !
    Have you tried the FOIS GRAS yet ?
    That lemon tart looks divine, thanks for that πŸ™‚
    Nice shoes !

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