Review: Tamanna – Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette.

Welcome to Friday in Review 🙂

Each Friday I will be reviewing a new product or my favourite product of the week! I am trialling this as a weekly segment however if I feel that once a week is too often I will change to once a month. I would love to hear some feedback on this segment! Do you want weekly or monthly reviews? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Let’s start this week’s review with the new(ish) Anastasia Beverly Hills palette from her collaboration with Tamanna from Dress Your Face. Tamanna is one of my favourite artists! I have been following her on Instagram for a while now and am always inspired by her beautiful Arabic wedding looks.

I actually wasn’t going to buy this palette until I saw Tamanna use it in one of her online makeup classes and the colors looked gorgeous! As these palettes are limited edition I made a rash decision to buy myself one while I still could.

I snapped some pics of the palette and swatches for you guys! Under the swatch pictures you can read my review on each colour. Apologies for the fact that the pics are a bit small! I think I deleted the ones I took off my phone so I can’t re-upload bigger size pics! If you click on the pics they will pop up in box and you can use your keyboard arrows to scroll through the pics.





I was impressed with the Get the Look cards that came with the palette. Such a good idea!

So with each color I swatched over the Urban Decay primer and on bare skin so you can see any differences. I am happy to report that these eyeshadows don’t really need a primer to increase pigmentation, most of the shades look the same on primer and bare skin…of course I always use a primer to enhance the staying power of eyeshadow but I know that some people do not use eye primers so I wanted to show how the shadows look both ways.


Left to right:

Gilded – Shimmer bronzy gold shade. I think this will be a shade that I use quite a bit! Pigmentation on point!

 Venezia – pretty shimmer blue. Great pigmentation but it is a colour that is made in every brand so it’s not a very individual colour.

 Blush – shimmer champagne. I have similar colors in other brands but still a good one to have in a palette for inner corner highlight!!

 Fresh – matte light pink/white tone shade. Perfect for highlighting the browbone! Will be using this one a lot.



Left to right:

Chocolate – Matte chocolate brown. The only shade that needs a primer to show up opaque.

 Bengal – Camel? Orange? brown with a little shimmer. I really like this one. Again nice and pigmented.

 Sangria – Cranberry purple/pink. I love this shade! Great pigmentation.

 Custom – Shimmer taupe/grey. Nothing out of the ordinary but still a lovely shade that will look nice with all eye colors. Awesome pigmentation.

6 Left to right:

Noir – matte black. Pretty good pigmentation and nice and dark…came up better over a primer.

 China Rose – gorgeous shimmer rose gold. One of my faves from the palette.

 The nitty gritties:

From: www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com

Palette is $29 USD

Total cost with shipping and conversion to Australian dollars: $56.16

Shipping time frame: Thoroughly impressed with the shipping time! I received mine on a Sunday (!) morning one week after purchase.

Overall opinion:

I really like the palette – I love warm tones, especially for dark eye makeup so this palette is perfect for that. Love the range of colors in it and that all of the shades have a really good pigmentation. For $29 USD I think it’s a great buy. My only real negative is that a few of the colours are shades that every brand has so you will end up with dupes of other colors you probably own…however there are some gorgeous shades that I think make it worthwhile buying.

Look out for my review next Friday, I will be featuring a couple Arbonne products!!

Until my next post,

Chloe x







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