Reviews-day Tuesday: Limecrime Venus Palette

Hello darlings ♥

Today I’m reviewing the Limecrime Venus Palette!

I bought my palette from www.dollskill.com because let’s face it, we all know how notoriously slow the shipping is from the actual Limecrime website! Plus shipping from DollsKill is free if the order is over $100 which mine was. Link to Venus Palette on DollsKill http://www.dollskill.com/venus-eyeshadow-palette.html

Described as:

Mash Botticelli’s classical painting with the rebellion of the early 90s, and you get VENUS: The Grunge Palette.
In a sea of nude palettes, VENUS emerges with 8 game-changing, unconventional newtrals and rusty-reds. Full-sized, recklessly pigmented eyeshadows mesh flawlessly for a nu-grunge look with a soft, painterly finish. Beautiful mirrored box with kitschy artwork makes this palette the ultimate collectible artifact!


photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (9)

photo 3 (9)
Can we please just spend a minute frothing over this packaging!!! ♥♥♥♥  It’s sooooo beautiful. It’s so classic but with a grunge twist.It doesn’t feel cheap and plastic-y, it’s actually quite solid and has some weight to it. I love how Limecrime even framed the mirror inside the palette! Even better is the fact that LC placed the palette in a plastic box so that they sit lower down in the outer box (a box within a box…inceptionnnnnnn), this helps prevent the mirror and the beautiful packaging from being covered in eyeshadow dust plus it ensures the gorgeous shadows remain unharmed.

Swatches and thoughts:

photo 4 (2)

Left to Right: Muse. Divine. Rebirth. Icon. Creation. Aura. Shell. Venus.

VENUS: The color of bruised fruit AKA ‘marsala’ (velvet matte)
I haven’t used much of this shade yet however I love it and will be using it in future looks!

SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (glow)
As above 🙂 soft pink-y tone with a pretty sheen. Probably not a color that I will use that often but still love it.

AURA: Pearlescent ivory (glow)
My least favorite color from this palette – it swatches beautifully but when applying to the eyes it’s quite chalky, falls out on the cheeks and comes out a bit too yellow for my liking…I still use it for a brow bone or inner corner highlight but defs not my go-to highlight. I haven’t used it a lot – I’m going to try placing it on my lid and see if I like it better 🙂

CREATION: Rust brown (matte)
Love. It’s the perfect red/rust brown. I use it in my crease either on it’s own or underneath Icon or Muse.

ICON: Dark brown (matte)
Another favorite. This is great alternative to black for darkening up your crease.

REBIRTH: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte)
Again I haven’t used this colour much and it is a pink-y tone which I rarely use. Need to play around with it to see how I would work it into a look.

DIVINE: Dusty stone (matte)
This is my favorite! I’m in love ♥ Im not a big fan of greys and cool tone shadows (red, browns, bronzes all the way! 😛 ) but this is the perfect grey/taupe as it has a slight brown undertone.

MUSE: Deep burgundy red (matte)
As with all the other shades, this one is super pigmented and creamy. I adore burgundy reds, this one has scooted up to top of the fave list. I haven’t used it much yet but I know I will! ♥

5 out of 5 ♥

Would I buy again?
Yes I would! At $42 it is a little pricey but I think it’s worth it – the shadows are so creamy and so very PIGMENTED. Most likely the palette will be discontinued long before I need a replacement anyway as a little bit goes a long way. I hope that LC end up selling the colours individually so that I can stock up on my favorites hehe.

Let me know if you have this palette and what you think of it! Or are you planning on buying it? I would love to hear from you guys x

photo (24)

Lid – Divine. Crease – Creation & Icon. Lips – Velvetine in Bleached

Much love to you all!

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