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How To Get Dewy Skin // Glowing Makeup 🌟

How to Achieve Glossy/Dewy/Glassy Skin

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to show you how create the most glossy, luminous, dewy skin everrrrr 🙂 I’m obsessed with the Glossy Skin/Glass Skin look at the moment. So today I’m showing you my favourite products and techniques to achieve this look. Pair it with a fluffy brow and a wash of glitter/sparkly eyeshadow on the lids and voila, wearable editorial vibes ? Read More »


Hydrafacial at YouthLab 🌟💦

Recently I’ve been thinking that I need to put more time into skincare (getting closer and closer to that big 3 0 really gets your butt into action!). I really wanted to try a hydrafacial and epi-blading. So I sent out an inquiry email to a skin clinic for more information on their treatments. Literally the very NEXT DAY I receive an email from another skin clinic, YouthLab, asking if I would be interested in trialling a hydrafacial. I must have been putting the right vibes into the universe and they picked up on it haha. Read More »


70’s Flares + a Gypsy Dress ft. Remi Lane🌵

Today I wanted to talk about three wonderful pieces from Remi Lane. ?

The first outfit features The Farrah Long Sleeved Top and the Dusty Flared Jeans  two pieces that I kept my eye on for months until the blessed day arrived when they popped up on sale!!! Boy did I click those babies into my shopping cart quick smart. The Farrah is a divine white lace crop with flared sleeves and you all know I can’t resist anything lacey so I just had to own this top. The Dusty Flared Jeans – what can I say? Flared Jeans. That is all. Also, the material is oh so soft, the EMBROIDERED CACTUS on the back pocket is just too cute for words and that high waist cinches the waist in for dayyyyys. Read More »


PR Delivery: BYS Cosmetics

Hey lovely!
I recently received a PR package from BYS Cosmetics and much to my delight it contained quite a lot of makeup. I couldn’t believe BYS had sent me so many products. I am so excited to have a play with my new makeup….I will be featuring these products in upcoming videos on my YouTube channel so make sure you’re subscribed otherwise you may miss seeing them!!

Below is photos and swatches of all the products that I received. Read More »