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Indulge Clothing Blogger Competition: Round 3

Whoopee! I’ve made it into round 3!! A massive thank you to everyone who voted for me again this week, you guys are amazing, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you xoxo

This week I was sent a gorgeous sheer blouse by FATE Clothing…it retails for $79.95. On the price tag is written “colour: gold”…it’s more of a bronze-gold, I love it 😀 At first I wasn’t too sure of it but once I tried it on and started pairing it with items from my wardrobe I quickly fell in love.

It is quite a versatile top. You could style it with a pair of black skinny jeans and vans for a more grunge look….or with a pair of black shorts and heels (like I did) for a glamorous look…another way of wearing this top is unbuttoned, over a dress and belted at the waist. See how versatile it is! 

Great colours to put with a gold top are black, purple and a bright turquoise blue (like the ring I am wearing)….the black jeans I was sent in Round 1 have a green/gold sheen and looked pretty cool paired with the blouse. I created a purple/black/gold smoky eye to go with this outfit…rockin’! 🙂

What I’m Wearing:
Sheer Blouse by FATE – Indulge Clothing.
Shorts: Dotti
Shoes: Betts Shoe Store
Bag: Nine West (Borrowed from Belinda)
Earrings: Borrowed from Belinda
Ring: Vintage (Borrowed from Belinda)

Belinda had some fun on the computer, playing around with a couple different effects 🙂 ….I love me some black and white photos!

Makeup Shots:

Arbonne Face Primer
Arbonne Liquid Foundation – Buff 
Barry M Matte Bronzer
Zuii Organic Blush – Melon

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly (Base)
Makeup Geek – Gold Digger (Inner corners)
Barry M – No. 55 Burgundy (Lid and into crease, lower lash line)
Makeup Geek – Cocoa Bear (Blend out the burgundy in the crease)
Makeup Geek – Corrupt (over Cocoa Bear, lower lash line) 
Makeup Geek – Shimma Shimma (Brow highlight)
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – Black (Water line and upper lash line)
Morgan Annie Mascara – Black

Arbonne Lip Gloss – Pearl (is a nude colour but looks more pink as I had a pink lippy on first) 

Phew…big post tonight haha 🙂

I’m sure you all know the drill now 😛 Indulge will post a link to this blog post on their Facebook page sometime tomorrow. I need you to vote for me by liking that link…too easy 😀 Here is the link to their page….I will write a quick update tomorrow to let you know when my post is up!

Thanks so much for your support!!!

You guys are the best…


Indulge Clothing Blogger Competition: Round 2

Yippee! So I made it through to round 2 of the blogger competition!! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate it xoxo…I need you all to do the same for me this weekend. Please keep me in the comp 😀

This week I was sent a stunning floral skirt by Blossom. It retails for $69. 

I was a little worried when I pulled out the skirt from the packaging on Wednesday, I am not a skirt girl (I live in dresses pretty much!) so I have hardly any tops ha ha. Luckily  I had a cream blouse that worked in nicely with the bright pinks,blues,yellow, cream and purple in this skirt. I raided Belinda’s jewellery stash and found this beautiful green necklace which tied in perfectly with the green and cream in the skirt and blouse.

You could “winterise” this skirt by adding dark brown tights and ankle boots with a skivvy that fits in with the colours of the skirt. Avoid turtle neck skivvy’s though (I already tried it hehe) as the high neck just doesn’t look great with the skirt. Knee high socks look amazing with this skirt as we discovered 🙂

A big thank you to my wonderful aunt Belinda for again taking photos for me xoxo We just took these photos tonight up in Kings Park! I was more than a little cold 😛 But it was worth it, I love how the colours in the skirt pop against the night scene.


What I’m wearing:
Blouse – Dotti
Skirt – Blossom from Indulge Clothing. You can also visit one of their three stores in WA:

Mt Lawley, Shop 3/591 Beaufort St
Esperance, Shop 2/71 Dempster St and
Kalamunda, 13 Canning Road
Socks – Dotti (Photographers own) 

Shoes – Betts Shoe Store
Blazer – Photographers own (A yellow blazer is a great way to bring out the yellows in the skirt. Also great for keeping you warm on those chilly winter and spring days!)
Necklace – Photographers own.

Ok everyone, my fate is in your hands! Please please follow this link to Indulge’s Facebook page, once there scroll down the page ’til you find my post and click LIKE, so easy 🙂 Indulge will put a link to this post on their page sometime tomorrow…in the morning hopefully. Once you’ve LIKED my post on their page please can you share and ask your friends to vote for me. Thank you my lovelies!!

Forever grateful…


Indulge Clothing Blogger Competition LINK

Hey all 🙂

Just a quick post to let you know that Indulge has posted my link on their Facebook page!! Can you please follow this link and LIKE my post…I’m the the 4th entry.

I am so excited! If I win I become Indulge’s official blogger!! 😀

Vote away my lovelies xx


Indulge Clothing Blogger Competition: Round 1

Hey gorgeous!

I have some super exciting news today!!

Tracey from Indulge Clothing has started up a blogger competition. Each week an article of clothing or a pair of shoes is sent to the bloggers who have entered. Those in the competition then have to style that article of clothing/shoes and blog about it. Tracey will post the links to the blogs on her Facebook page Indulge Clothing then it is up to you to vote for me by “liking” the post on her Facebook page!! 

I received my first package on Tuesday. I came home from work and it was there waiting for me at my bedroom door. I was so excited to rip open the packaging to find out what I had been sent!! I got a pair of black skinny jeans by LTB. *Fist Pump* Yes!! I have needed a new pair of jeans for ages, Tracey must have known 😛 ha ha. These jeans are made in Turkey. They have some stretch to them so even though they are super skinny they aren’t uncomfortable to wear 🙂 They have a nice sheen, almost leather look, which looks super stylish and takes them from being a normal pair of black jeans to more dressy pants. I LOVE them 😀 

Tight black jeans with a bit of a leather look to them; I immediately thought of glam rock. Styled with a cream lace blouse, black victorian granny boots and 1960’s inspired Mod makeup and you end up with a Glam Rock/Mod look. An edgy look with minimum effort, awesome! haha 🙂 Black skinny jeans and lace tops can be found in so many stores that creating this look for yourself is going to be a cinch!
Photos taken by the wonderful Belinda Radalj! 🙂

What I’m wearing:
Blouse – ASOS
Black Singlet – Dotti
Pants – LTB Jeans from Indulge Clothing. You can also visit one of their three stores in WA:

Mt Lawley, Shop 3/591 Beaufort St
Esperance, Shop 2/71 Dempster St and
Kalamunda, 13 Canning Road

Shoes – Victorian Granny Boots from Ladies Emporium (Love love love these boots!!)
Headband – Borrowed from photographer Belinda.
Earrings – Borrowed from photographer Belinda.
Belt – Borrowed from photographer Belinda.

The rest of the photos are of my makeup 🙂

Morgan Annie Face Primer.
Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Nude.
Zuii Organic Blush in Melon.
Barry M matte bronzer to contour cheeks.

Base – MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.
To create that cat eye effect I used Makeup Geek’s Corrupt.
For the middle of the lid and to blend into the black I used Barry M’s DD74 Purple.
Using a cream/white colour from the 88 Warm Palette in the inner corners of the eyes, blended slightly into the purple and to soften the black line in my crease.
Water line – Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black.
Morgan Annie mascara in Black.

MAC lipstick – Myth
NYX lipgloss –  Baby Rose

Ok beautiful peeps! It’s over to you 🙂 Pretty please go over to Indulge’s Facebook page and click “like” on my post. It won’t be up til tomorrow I think so I will write another quick post tomorrow to remind you to head over there to vote 🙂 Once you have “liked” my post can you please share with your friends and get them to vote too. I really want to stay in this competition hehe.



1920’s Inspired Makeup

Hello my lovelies!

Today I have professional photos of my makeup and outfit! I am really happy with how awesome they turned out! Considering I only decided that morning to do the makeup, just because I had nothing else planned, and I would have just taken photos with my iPhone but a photographer friend of mine posted on Facebook that he was free to do a shoot with someone that afternoon…I was most definitely free to have my photo taken! 😛

Here is a few photos from the shoot…I may add some pics to this post if Marti uploads more. I love how well my makeup came up in these shots!

Here’s the link to the inspiration photo 🙂 When I saw it I knew I had to recreate this look for myself!
I will be featuring Rachael from MrRalphiesMadHouse on my blog in September. This girl is awesome, I’m looking forward to blogging about her!

Morgan Annie Face Primer.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation: Nude
Morgan Annie Mineral Foundation: Light/Medium
Zuii Organic Blush: Melon
Barry M Matte Bronzer (for contouring): One colour suits all skin tones.

MAC Paint Pot: Painterly
Lid: Makeup Geek – Moon Dust.
Inner corner, Highlight (& lining just above Moon Dust): Barry M – DD12 White
Crease to Eyebrow: 88 Colour Palette – Red/pink shadow (similar to MUG Razzleberry)
Lower lash line, eyebrow down side of nose: Makeup Geek – Corrupt
Morgan Annie Mascara: Black

Line lips with Inika Eye Pencil: Black Caviar (Don’t forget to create the 20’s cupid bow)
Fill in with MAC Viva Glam I

Dress – Ally
Shoes – Thrift Store
Pearl Necklace – not sure…maybe Diva?
Headband – Ribbon from Textile  Traders.
Feather headband – Target

Marti Hughes was the photographer for this shoot. He is not only an awesome photographer but he is also a really lovely guy! I look forward to working with him again 🙂 You can check out more of Marti’s photos here.

Have a brilliant weekend!