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Hey hey πŸ™‚

Alrighty, prepare for a long post with loads of pics πŸ˜› I didn’t end up getting time to continue posting while I was in France so I have this post and one more Β and then normal makeup posts will be resuming hehe.

I think I have to say that Nice ended up being my favourite city. Not because of the buildings per say but because of the atmosphere…and the ocean was PERFECT! I actually went swimming…TWICE IN ONE DAY. I paddled around in the gentle water then sun bathed for a bit and when the sun and rocks started to roast me I went back in. Best beach experience. Absolutely loved the beach in Nice…except the rocks, I didn’t like the rocks because they were uncomfortable to lie on and hurt your feet when you walked on them but I liked that there was no sand anywhere.

Another reason why I liked Nice so much is due to being with two very cool Β people Carmen and Mario…every other city I went to I went to alone but in Nice I went with these two and it was cool exploring the city together πŸ™‚

I most definitely will be going back to Nice when I go back to France.


Train station at Toulouse…waiting for my train to Nice


One of the 9 trains I travelled on! Heading down to Nice (it took 7 hours!)

I arrived in Nice around 3pm. I first went to the tourist office to pick up some maps of the city. I found the tram station easy enough and I got off at the right stop…and then it went downhill from there. I was expecting our host Sebastian to be there waiting for me….as he had done the same for Carmen and Mario. Since I was expecting to be picked up I hadn’t bothered to look up directions to Seb’s apartment! I had no idea how to get there on my own…

I spent the next two hours crossing the road a million times and trying to borrow people’s phone so I could call Seb. Asking to use someone’s phone in Australia is hard enough, everyone looks at you so suspiciously…try doing it in a city where everyone I spoke to didn’t speak English haha.

Eventually I saw a nice looking lady and thankfully she spoke some English and figured out that I needed to borrow her phone. I called Seb and asked him to come get me….well then I had to wait another HOUR because I couldn’t see him! Turned out we were on opposite sides of the road ha. So he was waiting for me and I was waiting for him!! We eventually saw each other. I was so relieved and happily gave him my luggage and collapsed in the car.


Pizza on my first night in Nice

That night Sebastian and his wife took us three to an amazing pizza restaurant. We all ordered a pizza EACH! All of them were so delicious and perfectly cooked. Mario, Carmen and I shared a Nutella pizza which was heaven. I forgot to take a photo of it πŸ™

I was exhausted from my 7 hour train ride so went to bed around midnight and everyone else followed.

Day 1:Β 

I got up around 10am and started getting ready for the day. Sebastian and his wife heard me up so they got up and prepared breakfast for me! A nice sugary, fattening breakfast…perfect! I had just finished eating when Carmen and Mario got up. Β They were fed breakfast and then we all got ready to go explore Nice.


A lovely, sugary, fattening breakfast provided by Sebastian and his wife. Yum Yum!


First stop was to buy a big juicy watermelon!…good thing we got it cut in half because Carmen immediately dropped one half on the ground and it was totally smushed! haha. Mario’s half made it to the beach unharmed


Making our way down to the beach


What a bizarre idea, putting rocks on a beach! It wasn’t very comfortable πŸ˜›

I looked like a burn victim after laying on the rocks

I looked like a burn victim after laying on the rocks for some time!




Whilst sun bathing on the beach we spotted a water fall high up on a hill. So after a few hours in the sun we made up way up the hill….took this photo about half way up…the stairs were killer πŸ˜›


Finally made it to the water fall. The spray from the water was so cool and refreshing. I wanted to jump into the water


The water fall is actually man made. It was made back in the 17th century!


A sea of orange


Cute little toy cars. I want one


After that big climb up the hill we were in need of some food. We found this cute little crepe cafe.

Creme Marron crepe (Chestnut cream)

Creme Marron crepe (Chestnut cream)

Chocolate frozen yoghurt

We finished our crepes and then Carmen wanted frozen yoghurt. She has a mild obsession with frozen yoghurt. I hadn’t tried it before…but once I did…well I am now obsessed also!!! So much nicer than ice cream! I got chocolate frozen yoghurt

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for clothes…Carmen’s back pack was stolen on the train to France so she lost all her clothes and didn’t have anything to wear out dancing. We went into so many stores trying to find a dress for her…typical, when you want to find something you never can ha!

Seriously creepy child mannequins in shop window!

Seriously creepy child mannequins in shop window!

We went for a walk along Promenades des Anglais…hoping we might find some more clothes stores but it was just all hotels and restaurants. It was around 8pm so we went looking for a food store to buy ingredients for dinner.


Sunset along Promenade des Anglais


The Seven Statues of Massena Square:
These seven characters represent seven continents and the communication between the different communities of today’s society. The name of this creation is β€œconversation Γ  Nice”. Plus, the statues are illuminated every night, colors are changing smoothly to emulate a dialog between them



Angry turtle! This little guy kept trying to eat my finger while we were making dinner!

After dinner Carmen and I got ready to go out. I did her makeup again πŸ™‚ I kept my makeup really simple….just mascara and red lips.

Ready to go out and dance with Carmen :)

Ready to go out and dance with Carmen πŸ™‚

Carmen and I at High Nightclub

Carmen and I at High Nightclub

We left the house just before 1am. Sebastian walked with us to make sure that we found the right bus stop. We got into the city centre around 1.30 and then walked around to find a place to dance. I had found 3 places on the internet and marked them on the map. The first place was so quiet and small so we walked out straight away. We went and sat on some steps overlooking the port and we talked and drank wine πŸ˜›

After our feet were nice and rested we got up and attempted to find High Nightclub…after what felt like an eternity, we eventually arrived at the club. Great thing about France, they don’t check ID. So at 2.30am we just walked straight into the club and pushed our way through the crowd onto the dance floor. We weren’t dancing long before we went to the bathroom and on our way out of the bathroom we saw a door off to the side of the dance floor…we went through it and found ourselves in a small room full of people dancing to really cool music! We spent the rest of the night dancing in this room as it was more of a bar feel rather than crazy nightclub πŸ˜›

We left around 5am and walked (hobbled) to the tram stop. We weren’t the only people waiting for the tram. We struck up a conversation with a German guy and an Italian guy. The tram was running late and didn’t arrive til just after 5.30am (good thing the weather is so warm in France so we weren’t cold!) On the tram there was a guy smoking weed and singing songs really loudly. There was one song that everyone knew and so we all started singing with him! There we were on a tram at 5.30 having a sing along and some guy smoking weed…his reply to someone questioning why he was smoking weed on a tram “EVERYONE SMOKES IN FRANCE”. hahaha

We arrived at our stop and the german guy and a group of backpackers got off too…they were English (think loud and drunk but super friendly). We were all headed in the same direction. A loud bunch we were. Walking the hilly streets of Nice at 6am…complaining about having to walk up the hills πŸ˜› Carmen and I split off to go to our apartment and immediately got lost! I had to do the shameful thing and take my shoes off as the blisters were getting the better of me ha. And so we wandered the streets until eventually at 7.30am we found Sebastian’s apartment!! In we snuck and went straight to bed!!

Day 2:

I woke up at 9am (yay for 2/3 hours sleep), Sebastian and his wife prepared breakfast again. I then spent my morning relaxing while I waited for Carmen and Mario to arise. We spent half the day in the house. I sat on the lounge Facebooking and watching soccer with Sebastian.

In the afternoon we went for one last wander of the city. We spent hours walking through shops, buying presents for family/friends and exploring “Old Nice”.


On our second day in Nice Sebastian made a delicious looking pasta dish for himself and his wife and then he saw our begging faces so he gave us some πŸ˜›


Three (not so great) opera singers…really getting into the hand gestures and facial expressions…


Last day in Nice

One last photo at the beach

Strawberry frozen yoghurt

Stopped in for another frozen yoghurt…this time strawberry frozen yoghurt

Me and Mario! (Photo by Carmen)

Me and Mario resting our aching feet! (Photo by Carmen)

A glimpse of the Russian Cathederal that we wanted to visit but it was closed

A glimpse of the Russian Cathederal that we wanted to visit but it was closed! We spent over an hour trying find this place and we missed it by mere minutes πŸ™ Carmen was very sad


Sunset on our last night in Nice. It was beautiful.

I had to be up at 4am on the Sunday morning as I had an early morning train to catch. It was so dark! Carmen very nicely got up with me and said good bye then off I tottered into the darkness with my backpack and suitcase. I thought I knew how to get to the tram stop…but then the street signs did it again (they weren’t the same as on my map!!) so I was standing in the middle of an intersection for some time trying to figure out where to go. It was dead quiet, dark and my imagination was starting to get the better of me…did someone mention zombie attack??…but then I saw a couple walking down the street and I sidled up to them hoping they weren’t murderers and asked for directions. I didn’t have much time left to get to the tram so I tried to walk really fast…try that with a heavy backpack and suitcase and going up and down hills! My calf muscles were cramping so much it was so painful and I was so out of breath πŸ˜› A black car drove past me and then 10 minutes later drove past again, this time slowly and a the window was down. It was a guy and he drove along side me asking in French if I wanted a lift….I couldn’t say “no thank you” fast enough…and hoped that he was nice because with my cramped calves I wasn’t going anywhere fast haha. But he just said ok and drove off.

I reached the Train Station in time, found my seat and at last I could breathe again ha.

photo (1)

I had to change trains twice on my way to Beaune…

Nice to Marseille

Marseille to Lyon

Lyon to Beaune.

Another 7 hour train ride. I was super tired though and I didn’t have anyone sit beside me so I slept most of the time πŸ™‚

Well that’s the end of my adventures in Nice! I could keep writing and writing about my thoughts and the sights but then the post will be even longer so I have tried to condense it a bit haha.

So my next post will most likely be a tutorial but I will post about Beaune and my last day in Paris soon!!

Love Chloe xx




Arriving in Toulouse was terrifying. My hosts had told me what train I needed to catch but the station is big and super busy and I wasn’t sure where to go. So I went to the information desk to find out…the lady didn’t speak English :/ I managed to indicate what station I needed to go to (Saint Jory). She gave me a time table. I looked at it and realised that the next train going to that station left at 6.25pm…it was 11am. So much for my plans to put my luggage in my room! So to find a baggage storage room…I found a guy who spoke English and he told me where to go. At the baggage place the men working there didn’t speak one ANY english at all. So that was interesting but we figured it all out in the end and so I left my suitcase there and off I went to face my next challenge: figuring out the metro! The metro ended up being the easiest thing of all, I quickly figured it out and in two stops I was in the centre of Toulouse.

Was feeling a bit shaky after the morning’s ordeal so sat on a park bench to recover. A french man came and spoke to me, asking about getting to a museum but I told him I had only just arrived 20 minutes ago! We sat and talked for a bit….he showed me where the tourist office was and off I trotted to get a map.

From there I spent the next 6 hours wandering around the city taking photos. One of the first things I noticed about Toulouse is the buildings are much more Spanish looking than Bordeaux and Paris. I really love this city, I was really excited to be here. I’ve liked the other places I’ve visited but Toulouse invoked real excitement for me πŸ™‚

Time came for me to go to my new home…I got on the right train however I ended up missing my stop because the train was old school and I couldnt figure out how to open the door!!! A lady on the train helped me out by speaking with the train person, he told me to get off at the next stop and then I would have to wait til 9.45pm for the next train!! I was freaking out slightly….well my panic increased when I saw the station I would have to sit at for the next three hours. It was tiny and completely deserted! I was sure this was the start of a horror movie haha. 2 young guys got off as well and I asked if I could borrow their phone so I could call my hosts. The guys were really nice and spoke English well…my hosts didn’t answer so I was like ohhhhkkk then, what now. I was on the verge of a massive melt down but I told myself to treat this as part of the adventure ha.

About half hour later a lady came to the station. And thank goodness she spoke really good english so I could explain my problem! She called my hosts but no answer so she left a voicemail and text message for me. Then she told me to get on the next train with her which would take us back to Toulouse. Then she spoke to the train conductor for me and he told me what train to catch next which would take me to Saint Jory…so I had to wait an hour for the next train. So thankful for such helpful people!

I arrived at my house completely exhausted. My hosts, Veronique and Sylvain are sooo sweet! I am their first Airbnb boarder. They have been really helpful, printing off the train timetable and highlighting the times for me, providing me with breakfast. I really like them πŸ™‚

Face of terror just after arriving in Toulouse

Face of terror just after arriving in Toulouse


Going down to the Metro

Going down to the Metro 

My first view of Toulouse

My first view of Toulouse

The tourism office!

The tourism office!


I love the oranges and yellows in this city!

I love the oranges and yellows in this city!







Another chicken wrap for lunch

Another chicken wrap for lunch





I love the buildings in Toulouse!!

I love the buildings in Toulouse!!





Visited the Musee Des old monastery built in the 14th century but is now a museum! So cool

Visited the Musee Des Augustins….an old monastery built in the 14th century but is now a museum! So cool






Saint Paul...sculpted in the 1300's

Saint Paul…sculpted in the 1300’s







One of the King Louis's pulling Duck Face!!

One of the King Louis’s pulling Duck Face!!


Apparently David killed Goliath while naked? haha

Apparently David killed Goliath while naked? haha


Ancient Roman sculptings of the Apostles Andrew and Thomas...around the 11th Century

Ancient Roman sculptings of the Apostles Andrew and Thomas…around the 11th Century





A whole wall of ancient writings on stone!

A whole wall of ancient writings on stone!


Almost falling asleep in the deck chair at the museum

Almost falling asleep in the deck chair at the museum


view from my chair. There is a vegetable garden growing in the garden!

view from my chair. There is a vegetable garden growing in the garden!


Garonne River

Garonne River


View from the other side of the Garonne

View from the other side of the Garonne


Stone seats along the whole wall beside the river

Stone seats along the whole wall beside the river


This is the Toulouse "beach"

This is the Toulouse “beach”




bought an Agatha Christie Poirot book in French!

bought an Agatha Christie Poirot book in French!

Day 2:Β 

Today I left the house to catch the 11am train. I only just made it! I was buying my ticket as the train pulled up. I was jumping up and down telling the machine to hurry up, I grabbed my ticket and bolted for the train just as it was about to leave! I didn’t go up the steps to the train I took a flying leap and jumped into the train haha. A man at the station was sitting there laughing at me πŸ˜›

I had a good day in Toulouse πŸ™‚ I wandered into heaps of stores, explored streets, bought a couple things, ate lunch by the river and attempted to use the city bikes! I kinda failed at the bike thing….I haven’t ridden a bike for years so I was really unsteady and kept nearly falling off. Then I kept going down the street the wrong way and nearly getting run over! In the end I gave up and returned the bike and went back to walking. I bought myself an ice cream to make myself feel better after failing at basic bike riding πŸ˜›

I was planning on bike riding out of the city and along the river but it was 32 degrees in Toulouse today. It felt like an Australian summer! Too hot ha…but the nice thing is that as soon as you step into the shade Β you cool down. In Australia the shade is just as hot as being in the sun haha. The sun was hot but the air still quite cool…if that makes sense? ha

I came back to my house around 6pm as I needed to buy my ticket for Nice and I wanted to find things to do while there. I also painted my nails! Actually that reminds me, I will do a beauty post in the next couple days to show you what beauty products I’ve bought. Not a lot but still.



Eeek! Found a TinTin store!

Eeek! Found a TinTin store!


Quiche Lorrain for lunch

Quiche Lorrain for lunch


Followed by a delicious chocolate eclair

Followed by a delicious chocolate eclair

My view of the river as I ate lunch

My view of the river as I ate lunch


My attempt at bike riding only lasted about 15 minutes

My attempt at bike riding only lasted about 15 minutes

This really narrow street caught my attention so I went for a wander down it.

This really narrow street caught my attention so I went for a wander down it.

Mint and Chocolate ice cream. So good!

Mint and Chocolate ice cream. So good!

Back at my favourite park...and free wifi ;)

Back at my favourite park…and free wifi πŸ˜‰

This came to be my favourite spot. I really enjoyed sitting in the shade, watching the kids play in the water, people watching, and using the free wifi. I was really relaxed sitting here. Whenever I started feeling too hot and bothered I would walk back here to cool down.

Saint Jory station

Saint Jory station

The canal near where I am staying

The canal near where I am staying

I only had a short stay in Toulouse but I really enjoyed it…minus the moments of terror I went through πŸ˜› I think that Toulouse is my favourite place so far. I felt truly excited to be here and to be exploring the city. If/when I come back to France I will definitely come back to Toulouse and go bike riding out into the country side. There is a forest I would have liked to bike to but the temperature was too hot, really didn’t want to ride for hours in 32 degree heat.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Nice!! My train leaves Toulouse at 8.52 and I arrive in Nice at 4pm, a 7 hour trip. Good thing I bought a book. I can spend the trip trying to translate it.

I hope I am not boring you with all my travelling posts!! Sorry if I am hehe. Don’t worry, only a week to go πŸ˜›


Chloe xx



Bordeaux: Part 2


Here are the rest of the photos that I took while in Bordeaux.

My last day was a nice relaxed one. I washed all my clothes, spent some time looking for places to stay in Nice and I skyped my family. Around 1.30 I left the house. I went to the train station first to pick up my ticket to Toulouse. Then I went into the centre and walked around for a bit until I found a place to have lunch. I bought a mango smoothie, it was the best smoothie ever!

Then I did went into a few more clothes stores…tried on some clothes but didn’t buy anything. I decided to have a little peek into Sephora. I liked this one a whole lot better than the one in Paris…the Paris one was so crowded with people you could barely move!! So I may have gone on a little spending spree and bought a few things! πŸ˜€

After Sephora I found a chocolatier place and bought macrons and white chocolate which, sadly, are already all gone πŸ™ I am definitely going to be buying some in Paris to take back to Australia πŸ™‚

On the walk back to my house there was a crazy man on the street. He was there in the morning too…he wanders the streets around the house screaming! I kept thinking it was an animal but realised that it was him!! Thankfully there was a guy walking in front of me and the crazy man decided to follow him instead of me…the poor guy being followed! He kept looking over his shoulder. Β I got back to my house around 6ish. I started packing up my stuff and tidying up my room in preparation for leaving early the next morning.


In bordeaux you have to press a button yourself to open the exit doors of the bus!!
Chocolate shoes!!
Chocolate shoes!!


A sea of people as far as the eye can see!


Trying on funny pants in a hippy store
Trying on funny pants in a hippy store


They have Cash Converters in Europe??


The walk to my bus stop from the house.


Today’s lunch: Mango smoothie and a ham and mozzeralla sandwich.




Best pot plants ever!
Best pot plants ever!

Walking down a side street of Bordeaux, I looked up and I saw these jeans hanging out the window. What a fabulous idea! use your old jeans as pot plants haha. I really want to do this one day.

Everything I'm wearing is from France
Everything I’m wearing is from France



And so ends my stay in Bordeaux. The three days sure did go extremely fast! It’s been a relaxing time. I have been going to bed relatively early and not spending as many hours walking around…my body is thanking me :)….although it is hating me again because I may have just eaten that whole block of white chocolate while typing up two blog posts :/

So a small change to my travel plans. Instead of going to Marseille after Toulouse I am instead going to take the train to Nice!! Carmen (the Austrian girl I met in Paris) and her best friend Mario are heading to Nice this week and she messaged me last night to see if I want to join them! Since I didn’t get to go to the beach in Bordeaux and as I really like these guys I immediately said yes πŸ˜€ Three days in Nice…I’m looking forward to this!

I booked my train ticket to Toulouse today. I leave at 8.47AM and arrive in Toulouse at 10.50AM. I stay Tuesday and Wednesday night then taking the train to Nice on Thursday morning.

View from my room
View from my room

Where I’m staying isn’t as nice as the Paris apartment. It’s modern inside and the outside is all overgrown. There is no old charm about it. But the host is lovely πŸ™‚

Well bye for now!!

Next post will be from Toulouse!…I’m trying to book in a horse riding tour but if I can’t then I’ll hire a bike and go bike riding instead haha. I came to France for the country side and I haven’t seen it yet! I’ve been in the city too much. Time for some country πŸ™‚

Au revoir! xx


Bordeaux: Part 1

Bonjour πŸ™‚

My last post was from Paris. I have now being in Bordeaux three days…this is my last night….well actually I was supposed to have checked out tonight! I meant to have booked the room for today and including tonight but the host thought it was tonight I left…ooops. All good thought, I’m just going to pay for an extra night.

So I left Paris on friday afternoon. Henning very kindly offered to accompany my to the train station. I was relieved because I had a big heavy suitcase to get down all the stairs down to the metro and then back up the stairs haha. And the train station was huge. It was nice to have someone with me…and to have someone see me off πŸ™‚ Β So, thanks Henning.

The train ride was uneventful. It was a three hour trip but it seemed to go really fast! I think because as soon as I sat in my seat I started falling asleep. Although I tried to keep myself awake. I have this weird thing where sometimes I fall asleep and then jerk awake gasping for air, it’s like I stop breathing or something and I wake up in a panic…I get it especially when I’m stressed. Anyway I started falling asleep on the train and I did it!!! I wasn’t’ too dramatic this time but I didn’t want to fall asleep and then scare the heck out of the lady sitting next to me by jumping awake and gasping like a lunatic haha. I made myself stay awake.

Bordeaux is beautiful. I really like this city. It’s smaller than Paris but still big…the city centre is really clean. It has beach town feel about it, even though the beach is an hour away. A cool breeze is always blowing, the shopping is really good, and there are so many great looking cafes.


open fields…a nice change from being surrounded by buildings!



I bought a chicken wrap and a caramel chocolate thing. The wrap was the tastiest chicken wrap I have every tasted!…and this was train food!!

I arrived in Bordeaux around 7pm. My host Maryline was waiting for me…thankfully! I was so used to the Metro I had no idea how to use the bus and what bus to take…and the ticket system is different in Bordeaux.

Maryline showed me to my room and I stayed in there for a couple hours just relaxing. Although when I saw this teddy bear on the bed I didn’t feel so relaxed. I’m sure it’s the bear from hell! I was almost certain it was going to come alive while I slept :/


Creepiest teddy bear I have seen…I am sure it is possessed

That night Maryline invited me to come along on a picnic on the bordeaux foreshore with her boyfriend, house mate Jordan and her friends. I went along…only in France can you go for a picnic at 9pm and it’s still light. That was a bit strange haha…of course we had baguettes for dinner and wine. I tried a little of the white wine…it was really sweet, perfect for me πŸ™‚ I was given a glass of what I thought was orange juice…wrong, it was rum! It was in a glass bottle with lemons stuffed in the bottom. It looked like homemade orange juice. So I took a swig and nearly breathed out fire…the stuff was strong haha.

Where we were sitting was right beside a cement area where a whole group of people were dancing! Each night there is dancing at this spot…tango, salsa etc..that night was rock night so everyone was doing the jive. I wish that I could remember how to do these dances as I really wanted to join in!! We watched from the sidelines….it all ended just after midnight. So cool! Perth needs something like this!!!Β We didn’t get home til around 1am. I was falling asleep in the car!


This is the apartment building I’m staying in



The street…it’s so quiet!! Not like my room in Paris!



There are some beautiful buildings in Bordeaux



The public bikes you can use for like 1 Euro a day…it’s the same in Paris too



Was so tempted to jump in this water feature. The water looked so cool and inviting and I was so hot!





Couldn’t find the tourist office but I ended up finding a map lying on the ground in a park πŸ™‚



this cruise ship looks so out of place



Shallow water in the centre of Bordeaux for people to walk through and cool down. It was so cool! I wanted to roll around in the water haha











thinking the streets are really quiet...

thinking the streets are really quiet…


...and then I found the shopping strip ha

…and then I found the shopping strip ha



Cool old church…reminded me of a mini Notre Dame



Bell tower!!



inside the church.

I was really hungry so went looking for food. I am finding it really hard to buy food here because there is SO many places to choose from. I don’t do well with too many choices haha…I just don’t end up deciding on anything. I think that’s why I have barely eaten since being here. Anyway I found a place. Bought a sandwich and lemon tart and then walked back to the river to eat in that little garden with all the yellow flowers.



this lemon tart was amazing

this lemon tart was amazing


Had to buy new shoes as my feet were melting in my vans

Had to buy new shoes as my feet were melting in my vans



View from the bus stop


Micky the cat

Micky the cat

Day 2: (Sunday)

Not much to write about…was a wasted day. Went to church in the morning which was quite cool…couldn’t understand most of it as it was all in French but I enjoyed signing in French πŸ™‚ Β Then I planned to take the train to the beach….it’s an hour train ride. Anyhooo…I wanted to find the tourist office to get a map on how to get to the beach town. I was told by my host I could take a bus but when I asked the info lady she said I had to take a train. Anyhoo, long story short; took me two hours to find the train station, bought the ticket (12 euros), then couldn’t figure out what train I actually had to take so I missed the train πŸ™ so had another hour walk back to my bus stop to get home. Was upset and really hot and my feet were killing me. I really wanted to see the beach!





Kit Kat mcflurry with caramel sauce...sooooo good!

Kit Kat mcflurry with caramel sauce…sooooo good!

My feet were about to pack it in and my morale was through the floor, I spotted McDonalds and made beeline for it. When having a crap day; buy a McFlurry!! And they have KitKat McFlurries here…my day drastically improved πŸ˜€ haha

It looked and sounded like these guys were having a hearty debate, outside Maccas..

It looked and sounded like these guys were having a hearty debate, outside Maccas..

After a respite at McDonalds I continued on my way to the bus stop. Stopping ended up being a bad idea because I then realised how bad my blisters were. Right on the sole of my left foot was particularly painful; I could barely walk. I saw H&M so hobbled in a bought a cheap pair of canvas shoes…bliss for my feet haha. So I made it to my bus and went home to get an early night and hoping for a better third day.

Bus selfie!

Bus selfie!

I was going to do all three days in one post but it’s turning out to be too big so I’ll do day 3 three in the next post. πŸ™‚

I shall write again soon!!

Au revoir xx




My last two days in Paris

Hi all πŸ™‚

Sorry I haven’t posted about my last days in Paris. To be honest I didn’t do a whole lot on the last three days. I hit a wall of tiredness and struggled to stay awake during the day haha. I had late nights every night almost. Saturday was 4am, monday 3am, tuesday 2 or 3am, wednesday 4 or 5am and thursday 6am and last night was around 1.30am. My poor body ha. And I’ve only been sleeping til 9ish so haven’t had a lot of sleep.


Each person in this photo is amazing and I’m so glad to have met them!

From left to right: Mario and Carmen (From Austria), Courtney (From America), Yohann (France) and Henning (from Germany but lives in France) and me πŸ™‚ We took this photo the day we all went to the cemetery. So now I have people I can visit in four different countries!


I left the house around lunch time I think? I wanted to do some shopping so decided on walking to the Galaries Lafayette in Montparnesse…which is just down the road from my apartment (well down the road but took at least 40 minutes to walk there). On the way I bought lunch…some wrap thing that was called a Crudites, don’t know what it is but it was so tasty!! I came across the Montparnesse cemetery so went in for a wander and to eat my lunch in there. The French go to cemeteries to eat and just to chill out and read books…even weirder is the fact that they have roads through the cemeteries so you can actually drive through them haha.

Crudites - Poulet...whatever bread this is, it's really tasty!

Crudites – Poulet…whatever bread this is, it’s really tasty!


Cos that's what everyone does here...eats in the cemetery haha

Cos that’s what everyone does here…eats in the cemetery haha

I found the galeries lafayette but didn’t find anything of interest. Walked through another shopping centre but found nothing in there either. I then started to wander back to the apartment as I didn’t feel like walking anymore and was too tired to do much anyway.

As I neared my apartment I realised I hadn’t taken a photo of the outside…so here’s a photo of it. You can see my window! It’s the one straight ahead, on the third floor. Underneath is a small bar. Every night people were in there til 12ish and someone was always playing a guitar and signing. It was really nice πŸ™‚

My apartment!

My apartment!

I stayed in my room for the next few hours until I got a message from Carmen to invite me to come out with her, henning and yohann.Β Β I offered to do Carmen’s makeup as her backpack was stolen on the train to France so she didn’t have any makeup. We all met at La Stube (the german restaurant) where I did her makeup…I can add “doing a client’s makeup in a german restaurant in france” to my list of places I’ve done makeup at ha. We met at like 11.40pm and left just after midnight. Caught the metro into Bastille where all the clubs are apparently. We spent most of the time walking the streets trying to find a club…plenty of bars but the clubs were shut! Carmen and I were very disappointed as we both love to dance! We ended up going into a bar around 2.30am and we danced in there for a while.

The bar tender did this awesome thing were he put alcohol on the bar top and lit it! The whole bar top was on fire it was amazing!! I wish I could have taken a photo of it. Also, you don’t get asked for ID here! Anyways we were all a little disappointed about not being able to dance and really tired so we caught a taxi and went home for much needed sleep.






I went back to champs elysees on thursday…and I FINALLY bought something! Seriously I’m the worst shopper…I’d been in Paris a week and hadn’t bought anything! I went into H&M and i ended up buying jeans, a top, a skirt and a scarf.

So I spent my afternoon walking into all the stores and I was going to walk over to the arc de triomphe as I wanted to climb the stairs to see the view…but it cost 10 euro and I wasn’t going to pay that just to climb stairs!!

If only I had a spare 1000 Euro to spend on awesome shoes

If only I had a spare 1000 Euro to spend on awesome shoes


This ice cream was so good!

This ice cream was so good!


Bought this skirt and shoes

Bought this skirt and shoes

I got home around 4ish perhaps? Β Again, I was too tired to do much and I just wanted to relax in the apartment. I had left my makeup in the restaurant so around 5.30 I went to meet Henning there so I could get my stuff. He and Yohann were there. They invited me out for my last night in Paris! Off we went to Chatlet to meet up with Henning’s German friends Julie and…I can’t remember the other girl’s name :/…we went to two different bars. At the second place Frank and his brother (Germans again) met us. We didn’t leave that bar til around 11.30pm. They decided on a club to go to so we all went home to get ready. Frank and his brother came with me and Henning. I wore my new cat skirt and black top πŸ™‚

Then we had to try find a taxi…we didn’t have to wait too long fortunately. We only went part of the way in the taxi because we were meeting Yohann at some metro station…He said that the club was only a 20 minute walk from there…LIES! by this time it was 1am…by the time we got to the club it was passed 2am! My poor feet πŸ™ I almost didn’t feel like dancing when we finally arrived haha. But I soon got into it and had a great time dancing to the music (electro music! no american pop music in this club haha). We left the club around 4am…catching a taxi straight home. I probably would have screamed and just slept on the street if the guys said we were going to walk back haha.

So my last night in Paris was a good night πŸ˜€

I am in Bordeaux now. Just spent my first day here. I have a few photos to share…will write the post tomorrow. It’s 11.30pm now so I think I’ll have an early night tonight πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I am going to try figure out how to catch the bus to Arcachon (a popular beach town an hour from Bordeaux) and will spend the day at the beach!!

Au revoir! xx