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Hey there lovelies 🙂

This is mainly going to be a photo post ha.

I haven’t filmed any tutorials for you lately 🙁 I miss it! I just haven’t been in the right head space to sit down and film. So for today’s post I decided to share some of my recent MotD (Makeup of the Day) and Ootd (Outfit of the Day) plus a few other photos that I like from my instagram! If you follow me on instagram, I apologise because you will have seen most of these photos already but for those of you who don’t then here you go!

If you like any of my makeup looks and would like a tutorial on how to recreate the look, please please let me know…I would love to do a tutorial for you 😀



Today’s makeup. I decided on a whim to wear false lashes today!



Baby Girl posing for the camera…she’s a selfie addict like moi 😉



A beautiful West Australian sunset, snapped this over the weekend 🙂


Makeup of the day: Red lips and bold brows kinda day.


Last Wednesday I did Lovisa’s makeup for her Year 12 School Ball!


Saturday night I did Belinda’s makeup for her friend’s engagement party! I have such a gorgeous Aunty, love her to pieces <3


Pulling a weird face while wearing my oversized hipster glasses…just cos. 😛


11th April, I was the makeup artist for new fashion label L J Chaplin Designs!! I got to make up these gorgeous gals! There are more photos on my Facebook page.


Makeup of the day: My go-to look, red lips and winged liner.


Hot pink lips! Lipstick from Barry M.


Outfit of the day and makeup of the day! Dress from Ally, shoes from the op shop.


Another makeup of the day look: An extremely colourful, bold makeup look inspired by a makeup artist I follow on instagram! This is so up my alley, was really happy with this look 🙂


Outfit of the day: Bought these awesome ombre tights from Romwe! You can’t really see the Blue/Purple effect in this photo…I’ll take a clearer photo next time 🙂


I bought these red tights from Dotti a while back…I paired them with pointy ankle boots that I’ve had for years, a black bolero and a red beret. I ended up looking like a French elf 😛 But I like it hehe


Makeup of the day: I was going for a bohemian pirate  look this day 😛


Makeup look I created for my prom night tutorial…but I’ve been busy and slack and haven’t finished editing it yet 🙁 I’m sorry!

So recap of what I’ve been up to lately…..

  • Over the weekend I did my aunt’s makeup for an engagement party and I went down south to visit my brother for his 21st birthday!
  • Last Wednesday I did my friend’s makeup for her school ball.
  • I was part of the creative team on a Winter Wonderland photo shoot recently…photos coming in the next post!
  • I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with a dance party at my house! I’m so excited for it 😀
  • I spent a whole week getting to know my housemates better. We went to a few bars one night which was great fun, cooked together nearly every night, watched movies together, spent most nights taste testing the different whiskey’s they bought in America and went to the Rooftop Cinema in the city!

What have you been up to? Leave me a comment on here or write a post on my Facebook page! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram, @littlecoconut 🙂

Let’s get socialising!




A Short Instagram Post.

Hi gorgeous people 🙂

Did you have a great weekend? I had quite the slothful weekend which makes a nice change! I’ve been so busy these past few weekends so it was nice to relax. I went to the beach on Saturday with Jack…Jack swam and I fell asleep on my towel haha. The funniest thing happened while we were eating lunch on the lawn. A sea gull pooped on my HEAD!!! I couldn’t stop laughing but poor Jack was on the verge of throwing up 😛 The worst bit was when I had to wash it out of my hair…yuck! Did anything exciting/funny/gross happen to you over the weekend? 

I don’t have a many Instagram photos to share this week. I’ve been a very quiet Instagrammer lately, due to being sick for nearly 2 months…and I couldn’t access internet on my phone for a couple weeks too. But! I am pretty much over my sickness now and have my internet back so Instagram here I come 🙂

Saturday October 20: My first ever photo shoot that I’ve organised myself! Thanks to my three gorgeous models Charlotte ^, Jess, Christine, amazing hair stylist Jenelle and wonderful photographer Belinda.

Jess. She found this wedding dress at the op shop for only $35!!

The lovely Christine was our romantic/boho bride 🙂

I had ran a private makeup lesson with Christina last Monday, she did such a good job on her eyes don’t you think? 🙂 

Working on my White Swan tutorial, I paused it to do some editing…love it when you pause a video and you end up looking like you are pulling some weird face ahaha.

Going a little insane at work last Friday 😉 I’m not cut out for office work, give me a makeup brush and a client’s face to work on any day! haha.

Annnnnd that’s all for this week’s My Week In Instagram post. If you have any fun stories to tell from last week please do share them in the comments below 😀



Makeup Makeup

Hello lovelies!

This week’s Instagram post is mostly about makeup! The best kind of post, right? 😛

My week started off with a makeup party on Tuesday night. May I present the lovely Lisa and her friends:

See that girl with red lipstick? How stunning does she look! Not everyone can pull of red lips but she sure can 🙂 

Uh oh! I got a little  big bit wet on Friday! I had to run a couple errands at work…the weather had been wintery all day, lots of rain and VERY windy. I looked out the window and thought “Oh yeah, it’s not raining, I’ll do my errands now.” Get  outside *bam!* starts POURING with rain. I did have an umbrella but the wind made mince meat of it so I just had to get wet. To be honest I actually didn’t mind. I felt so alive running through the wind and rain! Am I the only one who feels like that? ha ha.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to film this makeup look for you all…I hope you appreciate my dedication to you all! 😉 I found an Autumn inspired look on Makeup Bee and I had to recreate it! It was stunning.

After I filmed that Autumn tutorial I then had to quickly pack up my kit and make my way to Jacqui’s house to do her makeup for a lunch event. Jacqui is a fitness trainer for Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge…you may have seen the name floating around on Facebook? Jac is such a sweet girl! I loved getting to do her makeup for the end of challenge lunch with all her girls.

I am on fire with these tutorials lately! Oh how I love my video camera 😀  So this morning I filmed a requested look: Adele inspired makeup. I will be posting it next week! Suzanne, if you are reading this post, this tutorial is for YOU!

I’m sure you all will know what this look is inspired from! In case you don’t, this is inspired from the movie Black Swan. I’ve never really played around with more creative makeup such as this. I love creating bold, colourful looks but they have always been wearable. Not even I would wear this look out, unless it were for a costume party, hehe. I thought this would be an epic fail but I surprised myself and I’m pretty happy with the result. You will be seeing more of this look very soon! 🙂

Well that wraps up my week in Instagram! 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that your week is shaping up to be fantastic one 🙂



On the road again (and again)

What a jam-packed week I just had! I loved it, I want every week to be so full and fun 🙂 I was in the car a LOT this past week…hence the title ha ha! 

This post is a day late, I know. I did start working on it yesterday but ended up spending most of the day behind my sewing machine and then I went out for Mexican with Jack! 😛 

A great start to my week, whilst browsing through my Instagram I came across a post by Makeup Junkie Nikkie. She shared this photo of the new Makeup Geek Gel Liners!!! I almost squealed with excitement  when I saw that Marlena has brought out a bright yellow gel liner (I’ve only been wanting one for a year 😛 ). 

Meet my first bride of the wedding season…the lovely Zara 🙂 I had to go to Burswood, the Hotel Crown Metropol, to do Zara’s makeup…Has anyone been there lately? There are builders EVERYWHERE! Obviously they are doing a huge renovation of the place. Add the fact that I’ve never been to Burswood before and it became a very confusing experience trying to find the right hotel ha ha.

Jack and I went on an impromptu trip up to Wave Rock!!…what a loooooooong drive hehe, but it was fun and totally worth it 🙂 

There is no phone reception up in Hyden so we were put on a forced technology fast…’twas great!! I felt so much more relaxed, and disconnected from the world. It was just Jack and I and the bush 🙂 

On the way up we passed SO many yellow fields. We figured out that the yellow flowers are canola. I wanted so badly to jump out of the car and run through the sea of yellow. But I’m sure the farmers wouldn’t have appreciated a trail of ruined canola flowers ha ha.

Wave Rock baby!! Naww I love this photo of us 🙂 xx

First day of Spring, and what a gorgeous day it was!!  Yes those are my toy horses on my window sill haha.

Belinda and I have been talking about doing a photo shoot up at the Pinnacles for a few months now. We finally made a date for Saturday 1st September. A couple weeks back I was thinking about outfits and makeup for this shoot and Steampunk entered into my mind. Within 5 minutes I receive an email from Belinda saying how awesome it would be if we do a Steampunk shoot up there….0_0 I am pretty sure our thoughts are connected ha ha. 

Well lucky me, my new friend Zoe from The Powder Room has a collection of Steampunk outfits which she was more than happy to lend me! (I’m sure you all will remember Zoe’s name from the Mod shoot I modelled for not long ago 🙂 )

The Pinnacles! I am pretty stoked that I got to visit 2 iconic places in Western Australia in the one week! Thanks to Brendon for playing chauffeur and second photographer for the day 🙂 

I took a photo of a photo of myself ha ha…this is your sneak peek! I shall post the official photos this week 😀 

Yesterday morning my Arbonne business cards arrived!!! I’m really happy with them. Soooo who wants one?! 😉 haha

Two delicious cocktails to go with our Mexican dinner….SO good 😀

And that’s my week in Instagram. Tell me about your week in the comments section! I would love to hear from you all 😀

Here’s to another great week!


New Monday Segment: My Week In Instagram

Happy (is that the right word to use for this day of the week? haha) Monday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was great…busy, but great 🙂 

I woke up early on Saturday morning to get ready for the long(ish) drive to Mandurah for a makeup party with the lovely Kerstin and her friends. We had a fun time together, seriously what a great start to my day: spending it with 3 beautiful girls, talking makeup and candle parties ha ha.

I got home around 1.30pm, walked to the shops and bought myself some lunch and food for dinner.

Ate my lunch then packed all my makeup into my car (again!) and headed off to another makeup party! This one being down near Joondalup…yeahhhh, I did about 250km in one day!

This party was in celebration of Yasmin’s 14th birthday! I spent a fun two and half hours teaching and laughing with the girls (and drooling over the big bowl of marshmallows on the table 😛 ). The girls were sooo lovely! I felt like a proud parent at the end when I saw how well they all had done 🙂 

Aren’t they just the prettiest?! xox                                                                             

Sunday morning I went to church with my mum and dad, they drove up from Bunbury. After church there was a luncheon, I sat at the table with my cousin Tegan talking and eating lots of scrumptious food (ok, ok that was me eating lots of food) 😛 

Mum and dad came back to my house for an hour in the afternoon. They bought coffee from Muzz Buzz (a drive-through coffee shop!) and then we went for a walk down my street. We stopped at a lovely little park and sat in the sun, talking and looking out over the small lake. I have to say there isn’t anything more soothing than sitting out in the warm sun listening to water bubbling away in a fountain or little waterfall, love. 🙂

Sun flare! Such a gorgeous day! ‘Twas the perfect temperature…

Mum and dad! Aren’t they a good looking couple 😛 hehehe xx

Mum and dad left around 4pm. I decided to make a start on all the upcoming makeup reviews I have to do….I put all the makeup for reviewing in a  pile, I kind of wish I didn’t hehe as there is a LOT to review 😛 I made a start on the Arbonne makeup, I spent about an hour and a half swatching and taking photos! Look out for the post coming out this week!

Half way through swatching, my house mate and long-time friend, Amy texted me and invited me out with her girl friends. I was very good and made sure I completed the swatches before going out to have fun 😛 I met up with them at bar/pub/restaurant called The Saint. It was so good to be out with people in a noisy crowded place…just what I needed hehe.

I stayed at The Saint for around an hour then drove to my partner’s house, from there we walked into the city to watch my friend’s band play! His band is called The Morning Night. They were playing with a one man band Davey Lane…he was actually awesome! Towards the end of his set he got The Morning Night up and they rocked out some fun songs. It was a fun and lively gig….sadly, being a sunday night, there was not many people there so I didn’t get up and dance 🙁 hahaha. It was more of a sit down, drink your cider and enjoy the music kind of gig anyway 🙂

When it ended Jack and I walked to the moon cafe (a late night cafe in perth, I think it closes around 2am!) and crammed our mouths with warm chocolate mud cake…mmm!! 

Feeling nice and sugared out we slowly walked back to Jack’s house and then went home. Such a good weekend! I hope next weekend is just as good 🙂

And that’s my weekend in Instagram. If you’re not following me, my username is littlecoconut 🙂 

What was the best part of your weekend? Let me know in the comments section 😀

I hope your week is off to a great start!!