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Urban photoshoot in Perth City

I finally have the photos from my photoshoot that I did with my aunt 2 weeks ago 🙂 We both had such a fun time walking around Perth finding spots for me to pose hehe. I’m excited to show you some of my favorite photos from the shoot!

 These are the shoes I bought from the Op Shop for $6!! I bought them the day I did this shoot 🙂

 I love the sun rays at the top of this photo.
 This was taken outside of a night club called “The Library”..they even have fake books in the window to make it look like there’s a library inside! How cool is that. As we were taking these photos a worker popped his head out the door and demanded to know what we were doing…seemed to be worried that we might be taking photos of the building hehe, odd.
 My aunt spotted this wall of grafitti on her way to pick me up from the train station. So we headed over there to take some shots…this wall is beside a road right at the traffic lights! So I had lots of people in cars staring at me as I posed along the wall 😛 and a few whistles hahaha
 I love how this photo came out 🙂

 we headed to the park for a change of scenery

 Well there you go folks, a peak into my awesome fun shoot with Belinda 😀
I am currently arranging another shoot, this time we’ll have myself and my friend as the models and Belinda as our photographer, can’t wait! 🙂